Lotus 50 cents is also worth us to collect, there are two years must stay

2022-05-24 0 By

Recently I talked with you about a lot of rare coins, they have a common feature, that is, the circulation is small, and issued in a relatively long time, many friends will have a question, we are currently in a wide range of coins, will there be a high collection value.Indeed, for example, the lotus five cents coin, which is often seen in daily life, has a high collection value in many years. They can even grow to more than 20 times. Although precious coins are often tens of thousands of times long, they are not particularly close to ordinary people.But lotus pentagon is not the same, in many lotus pentagon which year is worth our attention?Take a look at the table I arranged first, which can be used as a reference. We can see the lotus fifty cents of many years, even if it is in circulation, it is no longer the face value.Especially the lotus pentagon in 2005 is to go up fast one times, but scattered circulation coins, after all, is not particularly rare go up not much, but the whole volume of coins as a result of product phase security, their collection value can be relatively high, among them the most precious is 2003 and 2005 lotus pentagon.Around a roll of the market price of up to 450, the market value of the single pieces can even reach nine pieces, rose nearly 20 times, even the other years as long as it is the whole volume has a little premium to be reckoned with, pay attention to the lotus the pentagon have revised the upgraded to white, so the golden lotus, the collection value it will only become more and more highYou can keep some of it in your daily life.