Pick up your finger and make a nib to give yourself a satisfactory answer

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For so many years I can endure in the past I have nothing to be afraid of? “I what all not afraid to live henceforth has Bohemian go to the taste of the drink to the outbreak of the end when I alone wander around to go which is which thirsty drink sleepy sleep hungry want to eat what eat what no longer wail and whine of because it was not easy to live my life got a lifetimeHard inside live too tired by my whole life to the 6-foot hard for this home to save for this home in the end it did get was black and blue all over the house of worth of but I still can be the man with the disabled can I waste the ah to know the health is the source of people but I gu gu to gu disability who take themselves when a treasure who made when individuals who give of themselvesSons and daughters-in-law sometimes do but sons and daughters-in-law have their own work after all ah, you don’t even work for your own pillow man you are still looking after the fun of it Say a thousandTao ten thousand ah is oneself married the wrong person all blame oneself eye blind ah heart to listen to the match-maker’s words to their own trapped in the quagmire inside their own physical suffering and then look back to see oneself married what plaything selfish covet of their own good time are buried ah!Heart too soft all blame themselves to blame the heart is too kind all blame his mind’s eye too solid this residual ah really let oneself through the cheer up also understand you are not sick again don’t know who can care about you you don’t fall again don’t know who can help you you don’t fall again don’t know who can pull you don’t lack money you don’t know who can borrow you see if you open your eyes and see a closer look at you carefully look at this is human natureDistorted oh this is you don’t eat a owe gain of truth that is in this life you residual pain you can’t get rid of the yes I still think I more and more close to your true I lost lost too not worth I ruined his whole life was destroyed destroyed inside the home of their own on the heartless man destroyed on the son of the young and foolish because when he was 18At the age of school nothing I said let him to join the army to force the exercise and he actually and giving me a soldier I will go to the death of his sentence as a body blow from now on I was a soldier with intestinal obstruction on the later he went to the maverick doctor I frequent intestinal obstruction for the last five years as a soldier in the army during the son into the party has also been conscripts and I because when he judges the goodWhen a word has performed the operation cost of more than forty thousand also get my disability fate why torture me heaven the earth! What did I do evil? Now I became disabled son marry son give birth to his daughter is very good my granddaughter sun tzu is the treasure of my heart I also gradually forget their residual pain residual pain into power I idle too boring just means walking dream as a horseStay true to your original aspiration and move forward courageously so that you can pick up your fingers and do the nib to pursue my original dream and give yourself a satisfactory answer for your life