Qihe issued a notice suspending offline teaching activities

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Primary and secondary schools (excluding high schools), kindergartens, teachers, students and parents friends:Recently, our county area appeared COVID – 19 confirmed cases, based on the current epidemic situation, to protect the masses of teachers and students physical health, by the county as a whole the epidemic prevention and control and the economic operation work leading group office (headquarters) education resumption of schooling to determine, since March 14, 2022, the county primary and secondary schools (including high school), teaching kindergarten stop line,The school playground will be closed to the public. The specific offline teaching time will be announced later.School is a special social unit, with a large number of teachers and students, high mobility and close contact among personnel, which makes it difficult to prevent and control pressure.People first, life first, to maintain students’ life safety and health, is the biggest responsibility for children, parents.The epidemic prevention and control work needs your understanding, support and cooperation to jointly win the battle of epidemic prevention and control on campus.The relevant requirements are as follows: 01 Strengthen home safety and protection, conscientiously do a good job in daily health monitoring, implement the “daily report”, “zero report” system, avoid concealment, false report, late report.It is not necessary to go out, stay together, do not participate in gathering activities, do not go to crowded or crowded places, maintain safe social distancing, do not take public transport.Wash hands frequently, wear masks, ventilate more frequently, keep good family environmental hygiene, keep regular work and rest, and ensure sleep time.Insist on 1 hour physical exercise every day, enhance the body immunity.Actively cooperate with schools and communities (villages), consciously do a good job in information registration, nucleic acid testing, health management and other work.Minimize exposure to electronic products to ensure eye health, enhance physical fitness, and improve immunity.Parents should strengthen the sense of responsibility, strict self-restraint and self-management, do not eat out as much as possible, reduce going out, to educate and guide children to arrange home life scientifically, arrange the time of work and rest reasonably, scientific diet, ensure adequate sleep;We should focus on the mental health of children, accompany them more, communicate with them more, encourage them more, eliminate anxiety, and be the first person responsible for their own and their children’s health.Starting from March 14, all primary and secondary schools (excluding senior high schools) in the county began online teaching.County education and Sports bureau should organize teachers to prepare lessons carefully and strengthen online guidance for students;Primary and secondary schools (excluding senior high schools) should arrange online teaching activities reasonably, and teachers, students and parents should cooperate fully and closely to improve online teaching effects.We will open courses, carry out psychological counseling, popularize knowledge of prevention and control, and ensure that “classes are not suspended”.Parents should keep abreast of the school’s education and teaching arrangements, urge students to complete their home study plans, and control the time their children use mobile phones and the Internet.Students should listen carefully and do their homework.Parents should urge their children to complete the home-based learning plan, try to take time out every day to communicate with their children about their learning status, give positive feedback in time, improve their interest in learning, and ensure that they do not stop learning and progress.Teachers, students, staff and parents shall cooperate with townships (subdistricts) and villages (communities) to carry out nucleic acid testing and other epidemic prevention and control work in an orderly manner.Prevention and control measures, such as wearing masks and keeping a distance of at least one meter, should be implemented.Please do not believe rumors, spread rumors or panic. Let us work together and take concerted actions to prevent and control the epidemic.We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the county Party Committee and the county government, the people of the county will surely win the battle against the epidemic as one.JiHe county epidemic prevention and control and economic leading group office (headquarters) education resumption of schooling on March 12, 2022, the Texas journal source of new media product | qihe education and sports bureau edit | Cao Qing review | | Feng Guanghua final Yin Bin