Seventy old man sentenced to prison for robbery, old man: I robbed so much money, why only two years?

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“I robbed so much money, still have a knife, how say you all want to give me a few more years, this how only give me two years?”A 69-year-old robber argued loudly with the judge, but who would have thought that he was not because of the harsh sentence, but to blame the judge for the light sentence.What had happened to the old man to make such a request?The old man’s name was Fu Daxin. He was born in a small village in Hengyang, Hunan Province. There were four siblings in his family.However, Fu Daxin was still worthy, through their own efforts to successfully consider the county of a middle school free study, but failed to think, the school only opened a year before closing.In desperation, Fu Daxin had to go back to his home to plant the few acres of land.Not long after, his mother also died, the family’s few acres of thin land could not support them, so Fu Daxin decided to go out to work, he built a railway in Qinghai, he also cut wood in Fujian, wherever he heard there was money, he tried.The days passed like this, but seeing his brothers and sisters married and settled down, an old Fu Daxin could not get a wife, and became a bachelor.Despite his years on the road, Wilson didn’t actually save much money because the jobs he did didn’t pay well enough to make ends meet.Later, as Fu Daxin was getting older, he went to a small county in Ruili, Yunnan province, where he thought of setting up a home and raising ducks to save some money.I thought life could be settled down slowly like this, but I didn’t think the ducks raised by Fudaxin were suddenly poisoned one day, and all the efforts for so long were in vain.Of course, this setback did not put him down. With the help of his relatives, He thought of doing other business. All roads lead to Rome.But whether it is reselling vegetables, or wholesale tobacco, etc., his profit has not been considerable.At the age of 56, life became more and more difficult for Him back home, and he was too old to do much work.The village praised him as a “five guarantees” household, with 600 yuan a year, which was only a drop in the bucket for Fudaxin.One night, thinking of him, made a very bold decision – robbery into prison.In this way, not only do they not have to worry about food and drink, but also reflect their situation to the police.After the robbery, he also appeared in the opening scene. Although he was not particularly satisfied with his two-year sentence, he could take one day at a time and never appealed.Because of his age and poor health, Fudaxin was assigned to the “old and disabled class”, where he could not only work every day, but also eat meat every day and have special meals on festivals.In the prison, Fu Daxin spent his 70th birthday. On that day, the guards brought him a bowl of egg noodles, and together with his fellow inmates, they had a simple and warm birthday.Finally, when he was released from prison, He was ten pounds fatter than before, and the whole man was much more energetic.Later, thanks to the policy, his allowance increased to 780 yuan per month and he moved into a new house built with government subsidies.You can eat not only your favorite noodles and glutinous rice, but also fish and meat.”I have a good life now. I can eat what I want.”In the face of life, now pay letter said very satisfied, rushing about for a lifetime, finally have a good death.Author: Rock candy