Calm a family, adversity shows a friend

2022-05-25 0 By

Calm donations show warmth, concerted efforts to fight the epidemic.On January 21, a truck loaded with apples, edible oil, milk powder and other epidemic prevention materials set off from Zhenyuan, Tianjin, to help Jinghai District win the battle against COVID-19 with the deep friendship and care of zhenyuan people.The donated daily necessities arrived in Jinghai district on January 23.The epidemic is merciless.Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tianjin, the epidemic prevention and control situation has been on everyone’s mind.Zhenyuan County, as the recipient county of the cooperation between east and West China, paid great attention to the situation and raised 400 boxes of apples, 50 boxes of edible oil, 550 bags of coarse grain, 400 cans of milk powder and other epidemic prevention materials to help Jinghai District of Tianjin stop COVID-19.Since the launch of the east-West cooperation and assistance work, Jinghai District Committee and district government have actively responded to the call of the CPC Central Committee, deepened cooperation and exchanges with deep friendship for the people in the old base area, and made great contributions to the success of the battle against poverty in Zhenyuan County and the continuous promotion of rural revitalization.A friend in need is a friend indeed.This material donation is another continuation of the deep friendship between the two places.It is believed that jinghai District will surely win the battle against the epidemic with the joint efforts of the people of the two places.