Fujian and Qing cuisine: The practice of whole rice

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In Minqing, there is a kind of delicious rice called Quanpan rice.It’s plain rice and bazhen soup, so it’s a bowl of fujian and Qing rice of zhenzong.I will not say how to cook rice. No one should know how to cook rice. Now I will introduce the good thing eight Zhen soup, which is the last part of minqing quanfan rice.The main ingredient of bazhen soup is the whole Muscovite duck from Minqing, so it is called the whole Muscovite.Ingredients for the eight herbs, angelica, paeony, ligusticum chuanxiong, dangshen, shu di, Atractylodes atractylodes, poria cocos, licorice.It can treat paleness or yellowing, dizziness, listlessness of limbs, shortness of breath, palpitation, loss of appetite, weak tongue, thin white moss, thin and empty pulse, etc.There are people like to add some medlar, and then some seasoning ginger, minqing wine, camellia oil, salt, MSG.Practice: 1: now boil a pot of hot water, and wait for the water to boil, put the whole Muscovy duck into the boiling water for a while, the duck odor to go, that out.2: take out the wok, when the wok is hot, pour some tea oil first, and then put down the peculiar smell of the duck, stir fry it, put some Minqing wine, stir fry again, stir fry the duck skin a little yellow after the duck.3: take out the saucepan, pour into the water, in the fried duck and eight Jane (eight Jane is best wrapped with gauze), you can also add some medlar inside the eight Jane.So it’s ready to simmer.4: stew to duck meat can eat, like rotten stew more according to personal preference.Put salt and MONOsodium glutamate (MSG) into a bowl of white rice according to your personal taste before preparing to cease fire. Pour over the stewed duck soup, and the bowl of hot and painful Minqing rice is finished.