Horizon: Dead West introduces five difficulty Settings

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With the release date just around the corner, the official Playstation blog has shared a look at the assistance tools available for Horizon Forbidden West.Guerrilla was determined early in the development of the game to make it a accessible and immersive experience for all gamers, including new features that were added after learning what gamers wanted.The General Assistance tool has several features that are automatically enabled at the start of the game, one of which is subtitles.Players can change the font size and background of the subtitles for better visibility.You can choose your preferred language (both voice and subtitles) when you first launch the game.The game menu includes Notes, a rich encyclopedia of useful information about the world’s characters, machines, and data points.To ensure that players can quickly find the guidance they need while playing, we have added a teaching area that explains various game mechanics or controls.Difficulty Settings we all want to understand each player forbidden area in the western regions in line with their own challenges experience type, so we provide five kinds of difficulty setting, let you enjoy tailor-made exclusive adventure: whether it is a simplified battle, let you focus on the story development and explore the plot mode, or test skills, combat tricky super hard difficulty, all is yours.We also introduced a “custom difficulty” setting that allows players to adjust how much Eloi does/takes damage from enemies, making combat difficulty more flexible.Horizon: The West focuses on hunting machines, dismantling and recycling them to make ammo and upgrade equipment.These resources can be destroyed if they are not removed before the machine is killed, which is not easy to do.That’s why we added the “easy loot” system: when enabled, all components on the machine when killed will be added to the resources from the loot, making it easier for players to disassemble components in battle.This system is a default for story and easy difficulty, and is an option in custom mode.Since Eloy is a skilled and agile hunter, the controls must also be intuitive and easy to use, allowing Eloy to perform to the full.With this in mind, we’ve designed several options that are as easy to control as possible.Horizon west has several preset controls (including support for left-handers), but the play controls can be completely reconfigured, along with guidance to avoid conflicts, allowing the player to fully customize the buttons or input configuration for each action.In addition, some operations also offer the option to “toggle” or “hold”, or to reverse the X or Y axis.Another new feature is a “co-pilot” system that allows a second PlayStation controller to co-operate the game via mirror controls, using only a second controller (DualSense on the PS5 and DualShock 4 on the PS4) and a second user profile.The “co-pilot” system was realized thanks to the valuable advice and support of our visual Impairment assistance Tool consultants.Horizon west also features optional dynamic sensing control: With the DualSense wireless controller’s built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, players can intuitively fine-tune aimed shots to improve accuracy.There is also a slide bar setting that adjusts the sensitivity of the action, and an “invalid zone” setting for the analog joystick.The player can also click on the “Quick switch” weapon, or move the left and right joystick for character and perspective.Since the PS5 version of the game has adaptive trigger and vibration features, we’ve added the following for players who are not familiar with these options: You can change the vibration intensity of cutscenes, traversals, battles, UI or environments, and you can also choose to disable the adaptive trigger when handling weapons.These Settings are designed to support players who may encounter difficulties in any aspect of the game.For example, in the case of weapons and combat, players can adjust the “weapon wheel” (for quickly equipping weapons) or how much the game slows down when the aiming assist is on.You can also increase the duration of focus, allowing you to slow down when aiming with your bow;Or auto-focus (if it’s still available), so you don’t have to turn it on yourself in tricky battles.Other automatic Settings for save button actions include Auto Sprint, Auto Heal (when health is below 50%), and Auto Shield (which, when unlocked, automatically deploy if you fall from a height).There is also a feature called “All climbs marked”, which makes it easy to see where to climb without using Focus.Please note that some of the “auto” Settings are limited to story/easy/custom difficulty modes.Horizon: West is a vast game, so we’ve designed a few guiding tools to help players explore this vast and vivid world.You can choose to explore the world with minimal guidance, or use markers to help you reach your mission destination.The same goes for navigation points, where you can dynamically place markers and be guided to a destination.For longer trips, you can choose to “mount along the road” so that the mount will get you to your destination with minimal effort.There are also pop-up reminders of how to use skills, weapons, or deal with specific enemies, which can be toggled on or off.If you restart the game after shutting down the console, there is also a previously mentioned screen to help you get back into the swing of things.While PS4 players will occasionally encounter loading screens (including useful prompts), PS5 players will be able to switch between “info” and “Now” options because of the faster loading times, but some players will still want to read the prompts.Sound and visuals are also designed to ease player discomfort.Visually, players can fine-tune camera vibrations and motion blur Settings, as well as fully customize the game’s HUD to control what information is displayed and when.Players can also set the size of the subtitles and choose whether to add a background to the subtitles.As for sound effects, music, voice and sound effects all have their own volume controls.You can force monophonic sound, and you can turn off tinnitus: these are tinnitus-like trigger sound effects, such as machine screeches.The PS5 also has more options to turn down the volume of machine, weapon and explosion or ambient sounds, which is especially helpful for sensitive players.