Ji ‘an city: the government procurement budget last year was 9.249 billion yuan

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In 2021, The Finance Bureau of Ji ‘an city in Jiangxi Province will continue to promote the reform of government procurement system, taking streamlining administration and delegating power as the main line, standardizing management as the means, and improving service as the focus to further optimize the business environment. The government procurement work has achieved obvious results.We intensified efforts to streamline administration and delegate power, and highlighted the responsibilities of procurement entities.In 2021, Ji ‘an city will reduce the number of items purchased by centralized procurement institutions from 44 to 40, increase the limit standard of decentralized procurement of goods and services from 150,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan, and increase the limit standard of decentralized procurement of engineering projects from 300,000 yuan to 600,000 yuan.In 2021, the city implemented the government procurement budget of 9.249 billion yuan, the actual procurement amount of 8.803 billion yuan, saving 446 million yuan, fund saving rate of 4.8%.We will strengthen standardized management and ensure that the procurement market is fair and orderly.Ji ‘an city implements the electronic procurement project, and implements the electronic procurement process for all procurement projects through public bidding and non-public bidding.At the same time, the implementation of procurement items open.The number of projects not subject to public bidding was strictly and meticulously examined and approved. The value of projects procured through public bidding reached 7.171 billion yuan, accounting for 81.46% of the total procurement funds.The amount of projects procured through non-public bidding was 1.632 billion yuan, accounting for only 18.54%.Improve the level of service, and tighten the policy.In 2021, the purchase amount of domestic goods, engineering and service projects in Ji ‘an city was 8.68 billion yuan, accounting for 98.6% of the total contract amount.123 million yuan was purchased for imported products, accounting for only 1.4%, all of which were purchased for medical equipment of hospitals.The procurement amount granted to small and medium-sized enterprises reached 8.685 billion yuan, accounting for 98.66 percent of the total.Energy saving and water saving products and environmental protection products accounted for 99.74% and 99.7% respectively.(JI ancai) this article has the copyright, if you need to reprint or copy, please indicate the source of China government procurement news, label the author, and maintain the integrity of the article.Otherwise, legal liability will be investigated.(Source: China Government Procurement News)