Kishida dengmen to mourn Ishihara Shintaro, Some Japanese netizens are speechless!

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Shintaro Ishihara, a right-wing Japanese politician, died on February 1st.Four days later, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida paid a visit to Ishihara s private home on The morning of May 5 to mourn the death, which was widely reported by Japanese media including NHK.The news also stirred controversy on the Japanese Internet, with one netizen commenting, “Japan is the only country where such a thing can happen when a current leader visits his home to mourn a far-right racist.””I looked at Ishihara’s face and paid tribute to his achievements as a member of parliament for more than 25 years and governor of Tokyo for 13 years,” Kishida told reporters after the mourning, ACCORDING to NHK. “Now that he is dead, I feel the strength of his presence again.My heartfelt condolences.”Kishida visited Ishihara’s private home in Tokyo’s Ota ward and offered him incense, the report said.The news was reported by a number of Japanese media and sparked criticism on the Japanese Internet, focusing on “the incumbent prime minister to mourn the far-right racist.””Japan is the only country where a current leader mourns a far-right racist.””Prime Minister Kishida went to mourn far-right racists,” said one. “Ishihara made so many harsh remarks, so he has a strong presence.”↓ “(Kishida) wants to follow his example because his presence is so thin.This is sending the wrong signal to China and should be scolded.”↓ Some people posted ishihara’s “old woman” comment in the comments section of kishida’s mourning report.In Japan, Ishireason has been criticized for his controversial remarks.For example, in 2001, Ishihara said, The most harmful thing that civilization brings is old women.”Infertile women who live to old age are bad for the earth,” she said. In the wake of the 2011 East Japan earthquake, ishihara, then governor of Tokyo, called the earthquake “divine punishment” and “put the tsunami to good use, washing away the dirt in the Hearts of Japanese people.”There are many similar examples in Ishihara.lh