Longdong street to create a comprehensive “unpaid area” see actual results

2022-05-25 0 By

One is to prevent, crack the crux of unpaid wages.Streets adhere to the idea of “source governance, focus on prevention”, find out the signs of unpaid salary events, timely intervention to eliminate.On the one hand, through channels such as 12345 hotline, on-site complaints and superior transfer, we can grasp the clues of unpaid wages, analyze the crux of the problem, and make the work of debt clearance and prevention targeted.On the other hand, field visits are carried out through daily inspections, open inspections and secret visits to inquire about the wage payment situation of workers on site, check the work ledger of migrant workers’ management, supervise the wage payment situation in real time, conduct on-site correction and make rectification in code, and ensure that hidden dangers of unpaid wages are removed together.So far, a total of 495 cases of 12,345 transfer orders have been handled, and more than 3 million yuan of wages have been recovered from migrant workers.Second, chang channel, connected unpaid appeal line.The street has set up on-site complaint Windows in the convenience service center, announced the telephone number for complaint reporting, made unified TWO-DIMENSIONAL code for safeguarding rights, set up 25 billboards for migrant workers’ rights protection, 15 complaint boxes for reporting and hanging more than 30 propaganda banners in all construction sites under construction, and comprehensively spread the channels for reporting unpaid wages and complaints.The labor insurance department of the convenience service Center, together with the judicial office of the street, opened small classes of law popularization at various construction sites to publicize the “Regulations on guaranteeing migrant workers’ wage payment”, forming a good atmosphere of “everyone understands the regulations and everyone uses the regulations”, and letting every migrant worker master the weapons to safeguard their rights and interests.Up to now, it has carried out seven publicity campaigns on the law, issued 1,000 copies of regulations on Guaranteeing Wage Payment for Migrant Workers, distributed more than 2,000 copies of A Letter to Migrant Workers, 500 rights protection cards and 1,000 QR codes.Third, strict responsibility, comprehensive woven intensive pay network.Called jurisdiction 6, head of the engineering construction project, held the regulations on the guarantee migrant wages paid announcement, the sign “no back pay for engineering construction projects undertaking” build official seal of the project, to pay their earnestly implement the responsibility, supervision, construction site, full specified amount payment migrant wages on time every month, put an end to any excuses less hair, hair, hair late.The “foreman” of street engineering construction projects, in cooperation with grid workers, regularly supervised and verified the construction projects under construction in the district, focusing on the weak links in labor-capital management, adhering to the “zero tolerance” for unpaid wages, resolutely guarding the “money bag” of workers, and ensuring that every migrant worker can safely return home during holidays.(Cao Mengxi, Longdong Street, Wang Yuzhen) (Source: Lixia District People’s Government website, Jinan city)