Modern Internet loans are killing people

2022-05-25 0 By

In 19, DUE to family and personal reasons, I got in touch with online loans for the first time and it has been out of control ever since.Completely changed the concept of consumption, from now on no matter why are lavish money without considering the consequences, no money with pay treasure to spend bai borrow bai and network business loan!Lead to income and expenditure is not proportional, the salary of each month still return interest remaining is not much!Living beyond one’s means means robbing Peter to pay Paul when repaying.[Tears] I borrowed it in April of 21 years. I don’t know why I borrowed it out of my mind, which made my poor situation worse.After two months to June, I finally couldn’t bear it because I had no money to cut off the supply, which led to overdue net loan, and the collection was calling everywhere!My friends, my family, my company, they all got collection calls, they all called me and said what’s going on, and they all called my dad who was freaking out and said what’s going on?Was I cheated? How could I owe so much money? At that time, I really wanted to die. My parents were not in good health.Fortunately, my brother did not give up on me at that time, and helped me with tens of thousands of dollars to help me also, which also gave me a great encouragement, I also put the two years of net loan calculated, give yourself a repayment plan, the two years of light also interest also nearly thirty or forty thousand dollars.Looking at my repayment record, I really feel regretful. However, it is not too late to turn back. After one year’s efforts, the net loan still has more than 10,000 points to be repaid.Come on, thanks to my family and friends, thanks for not giving up on me when I was the most sad!Finally advise everyone net loan best not to touch, net loan will change a person’s consumption concept, do not blindly consume, according to their economic ability to consume, when spending money is very comfortable, when the money is almost human life!Money needs to be spent wisely.