Rare front design: retired Ankai HFF6841K57 bus

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Since the 1990s, China’s road passenger transport gradually booming, many bus manufacturers began to seek overseas cooperation, production of all kinds of high-grade road buses, in addition to the number of Volvo/SIVO B10M, B12M, B7R,There are also The Setra S215 and S315 series produced by Anhui Feihe Automobile Factory and Germany Kassbohrer, which used to be common models in passenger stations of various sizes.Of course, later, we are still more familiar with another name “Ankai”, which is the cooperation product between Anhui Feihe Automobile Factory and Germany Keisbauer. Each side took a Chinese character to form the name “Ankai”, which is still used today, even though the two families have parted ways.Before electrification, Ankai still uses a lot of Kassbohrer technology, but also slowly independent in design, such as appearance modeling, in addition to the standard set of Setra front face modeling, can also select other styles of front face, such as the following HFF6841K57 medium-sized bus.Photo by @Hangge, a retired Ankai HFF6841K57 owned by Shanghai Mass Tourism Company.The appearance of this Ankai HFF6841K57 is covered by white + blue coating, which looks clean, but the front face design is relatively rare, unlike many ankai buses of the same period that use The Setra face of Case Power, but selected by ankai independent design of the shape, but has a taste of Mercedes Benz O350 or Yutong, it is estimated to be equipped with universal lamps.Mass tourism Ankai HFF6841K57, front view.Another Ankai equipped with Setra front face, HFF6850K57D, under shantou Nanxiang.Ankai HFF6841K57 was listed in the National Automobile Bulletin directory in 2007, just before the change of the logo, so the early products are equipped with the old logo.ANKAI’s early logo looked A bit like A Soviet product, consisting of A pictographic spire and the words ANKAI, while the new logo released at the 2008 Shanghai Auto Show, the current logo, consists of the letters A and K.Seen from the side, this one should have been converted into a warehouse or board house.The car was originally designed to carry between 24 and 34 passengers.Mass tourism Ankai HFF6841K57, rear view.The car also retains the Setra engine cooling cap.Mechanically, Ankai HFF6841K57 is equipped with a variety of diesel engines from Yuchai, Kamai, Dongfeng and Hino to choose from, with maximum horsepower ranging from 180-210ps. The chassis is developed based on HFF6802D16 and equipped with air suspension.Mass tourism Ankai HFF6841K57, front and rear axle head view.(after)