Shangyi County: guess lantern riddles, yangko dance, gongs and drums celebrate the Lantern Festival

2022-05-25 0 By

Hebei News News (correspondent Deng Lifan) festive gongs and drums to send New Year’s blessing, red yangko dance out of the footsteps of spring.In order to celebrate the arrival of the Lantern Festival and help the Winter Olympics, Shangyi county carried out lively and cheerful shehuo performances and riddle guessing activities.Loud gongs and drums, cheerful Yangko dance and interesting lantern riddles enrich the cultural life of villagers and create a strong festive atmosphere.Beaming yangko performance, to create a happy and peaceful, civilized and healthy Spring Festival new fashion, new atmosphere.Red riddles, happy red lanterns, attracted many tourists to participate in the guessing.The riddles are all related to the most popular winter Olympics theme.The activity scene was filled with happy and peaceful atmosphere, to participate in guessing the lantern riddle tourists, everyone or meditation, or discuss with each other, concentrating on the answer to the lantern riddle, guess the lantern riddle after holding the answer to the staff exchange small gifts, the activity scene is very lively, from time to time came the joy of the laughter of tourists friends.The traditional Yangko dance and the new guessing lantern riddles repose everyone’s pursuit and yearning for a happy life.In this way to help the Winter Olympics, for the United States shangyi cheer!Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.