Su Yiming picks silver!From Tiger Mountain to Beijing Winter Olympics, Hegu Ailing, childhood friend

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China’s Su Yiming won the second medal of the Winter Olympics after winning the silver medal in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final in Beijing on Feb 7.Despite his young age, Su has a long history: Before becoming a professional skier, he starred in tsui Hark’s the Taking of Tiger Mountain;He met talented girl Gu Ailing when he was young, and they became friends because of their common hobbies. Now they are competing in the Beijing Winter Olympics together.Su Yiming was born in Jilin City, Jilin Province on February 18, 2004.From the age of four, he followed his parents to learn to ski.At that time, children’s skis were not available in China, so Su went to ski resorts to practice every day, carrying skis 20 centimeters higher than her own.Under the guidance of her parents and coaches, Su made rapid progress and became a signed skier for the world’s biggest ski brand at the age of seven.In 2014, the cast of the film The Taking of Tiger Mountain saw a video of Su skiing online and invited him to play the role of “Little Supan” in the film.There is a scene in the movie where the march depends on skiing.Before leaving, Mr. Su, then 10 years old, was told to keep up.By the time filming began, it turned out that this little embolus was sliding faster than anyone else.Recently, director Tsui hark recorded a video to support Su yiming’s bid for the Beijing Winter Olympics: “Your performance is wonderful, your skiing is also very good, I hope you can win the gold medal back.Since then, Su has been a well-known child star in the entertainment industry, starring in “Kid Rock”, “It’s My Lucky Day”, “Your Wolf Highness” and “Snowy Woods”.Without the Beijing Olympics, Su might have gone on to become an actor.A turning point in Su’s life came on July 31, 2015, when Beijing and Zhangjiakou won a joint bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.At the age of 11, he came up with the idea of representing China in the Winter Olympics. “SINCE I love skiing so much, why not go professional?” he asked.In 2018, Su yiming was selected into the national Snowboard Grand Jump and slopestyle Training team.In December of that year, he won two gold MEDALS in the men’s big jump and men’s U18 at the National Snowboard Big Jump and slopestyle championships.In 2019, Su represented Shanxi Team to participate in the second National Youth Games and won the gold MEDALS of men’s snowboard big jump and slopestyle.In 2021, Su won her first international title at the US Stimbott Snowboard World Cup.It was also the first Chinese men’s snowboarding world champion.Less well known is that Su and Gu are still good friends.There is a documentary about how they trained together as children: the two boys, then around 13 years old, quickly became close friends over a common interest, an enviable friendship.At one point, out of curiosity, the two kids even changed skis and had fun coaching each other.Now, the two are competing together again in the Winter Olympics, with Su dominating the men’s slopestyle final and expecting good news from Gu.On Feb. 14, Su will also compete in the men’s big jump snowboarding, which is his strong suit.New Yellow River reporter: Li Fujie editor: Liu Dan