This is the most unique way of making characters. No other game can do this. Pay for love

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The king of penholder in the game makes a living by playing games every day and has been playing online games for 20 years. I have my own unique opinion. As an old player who has been playing for 10 years, if there is any problem with the article, please respray it!If you feel good, please forward some likes!Thank you very much!This is the most unique way of making characters. No other game can do this. Pay for love!Now it’s a stinky Chinese server environment, ruined by the big factory.If a new character is much bigger than an old one, there will be numerical inflation. The most effective way to prevent numerical inflation is to model a single character with a slight numerical inflation.The original god model is not about numbers, but about character characterization and making the player pay for love.Imagine the original god also have no PVP, also have no leaderboard, really, you want strength why?The intensity of the original god is to follow the story, unless your story is also the same fighting ability, can you think of the abyss monster and the ball of the same fighting level?According to some statistics, the difficulty of abyss is similar to that of relics and weapons.As the story progresses, the game becomes more difficult, as both Canria and abyss reveal their abilities.Otherwise, Canria would have gotten some giant Chucho to fight with the cuirass?The seven kingdoms are equal, this is one of them. The second plot advance you see thor, you need the blessing of wish, the blessing of Canria and the blessing of heaven, what blessing do you think you need, maybe all the heart of the ice Emperor god will finally be bestowed on the traveler, then you can fight.Floating spirit is easy to miss, kamiko E has a wide range of skills and is extremely comfortable.God son is very comfortable to repair damage and air and ranged archers, rain encounter this situation will be very uncomfortable, god son help you clean up all the ranged.The son of god who holds the shield can also help you clean up, otherwise the rain is very annoying to hit the shield.0 life god son with special force hurt not full life huang Female high?There’s a lot of crooked stuff going on.So why can the Queen have four Ozzy’s in the room, and the yaebols only have three Raysakura’s?What is this logic?Five star negative optimization, right?That you pull god son and rain than long distance you don’t pull?Shen He with rain can shoot 80,000 yuan.How long are you going to do that?What shield can’t fight?The overload team has also been tested, namely, the Yaejoka Emperor woman with Bennett and Xiang Ling, which is also a better strategy.There are a lot of platoons before thunder Grass comes out, if grass comes out and reacts well, it will probably take off, even if it doesn’t take off, the current big world and boss experience is very good.Automation is too comfortable for the air.A lot of players now just pay for love, do junk daily activities, and the passion fades, there is no connection to the character, and there is no proper social connection.This game can not be the main game, so much work backlog, I honestly not so much time to play ah, student party, not as the main game, can also play other.