Urumqi pioneer welcome to inquire, highest discount 17.44%

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This week blazers latest offer: Xinjiang and Road Shenchi store 02 01 -02 01 limited time promotion, limited time special 17.44%, such a preferential drop, we can not miss, shop address:No. 618, Nanhu North Road, Shuimoigou District, Urumqi city, Xinjiang Promotion time from February 01, 2022 to February 01, 2022 Preferential terms in-store insurance, in-store loan pioneer latest quotation Model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Urumqi quotation RSTwin – 650 t Clutch 7 all-wheel-drive with version 329900 yuan to 40100 yuan, 289800 yuan 7 Redline 650 t whether version 289900 yuan to 40100 yuan, 249800 yuan 7 650 t type version of the 259900 yuan to 40100 yuan, 219800 yuan of 650 t sevenRS 650T four-wheel drive 7-seater Redline 650T 5-seater Redline 650T 5-seater Redline 650T 5seaterRS 650T Four-wheel drive 5-seat Compact version 289,900 RMB 249,800 RMB Light mix 650T Redline 7-seat Compact version 293,900 RMB Light mix 650T RS 259,900 RMB 253,800 RMB light mixTwin-clutch 4WD 7-seater Version light mix 650T 7-seater version Light mix 650T Redline 5-seater version Light mix 650TLight mix 650T RS four-wheel drive, light mix 650T RS, light mix 650T RS, light mix 650T RS, light mix 650T RS, light mix 650T RS, light mix 650T RS, light mix 650T RS, light mix 650T RSTwin-clutch four-wheel drive 7-seat White night edition 333,900 yuan 40,100 yuan 293,800 yuan