Wuhan bus Line 688 is convenient for residents in the far urban areas to travel during Spring Festival

2022-05-25 0 By

“It’s so convenient to have a convenient and comfortable bus 688 that takes you directly to the subway station.”On the morning of February 4th, Ms. Sun, a resident of Xiaojun East Road, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, went to visit her relatives. She took bus Line 688. After three stops, they got off and successfully transferred to Subway Line 16.Since wuhan public transport group by open company belongs to 688 line was opened to traffic on December 28, 2021, “through the last kilometer” feeder line 16, convenient for small junshan community, Helen fort village residents, along the far city residents enjoy the comfort and convenience, safety and quality of public transport services, travel happiness.At the same time, even “car owners” also chose to take the bus green travel, Mr. Xu lives in Yinjiangshan community, his parents’ home is located in Jingkai Avenue Fenglin, after the 688 line opened, he can take 7 stations at the gate of the community to reach his parents’ home.”It takes more than 20 minutes for my 13-year-old daughter to travel from my own home to her parents’ home. During the holiday, she took the bus to and from her home by herself almost every day.During the Spring Festival, take the bus to go out and visit friends and relatives of the southern han residents increased significantly, the company through the vehicle parts inspection, the pilot special education training, decorated carriage by creating the atmosphere of Chinese New Year a number of measures to ensure that citizens travel safety smooth, smooth working during the holiday, about 688 lines of convenient, comfortable, along the residents are full of praise.It is reported that prior to metro line 16 (han the downtown) theory-oriented and form a complete set, can let more people enjoy the subway + bus bring benefits, been busy since last spring, the bus company satellite coordinates acquisition, line scheme optimization, into the community residents to hear opinion suggestion, drivers familiar with the route in advance and so on, under the tireless efforts of everyone,Line 688 not only connects Line 16, but also greatly facilitates the daily travel of surrounding residents.(Reporter: Luo Hui correspondent: Ju Qinghua li Bidan)