Xinhua International times review: it is good to be missed by the motherland

2022-05-25 0 By

Tehran, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) –It feels good to be missed by the motherland. Gao Wencheng, reporter of Xinhua News Agency.The flavor of the New Year in hometown comforts the soul of the wanderer.As the Lunar New Year is approaching, Chinese embassies and consulates abroad are once again distributing “Spring Festival bags” containing epidemic prevention materials and New Year gifts to local Chinese nationals and students. Thoughts and blessings from the motherland will warm every Chinese overseas.COVID-19 continues to ravage the world.Pack masks, proprietary Chinese medicine, thermometers, rapid detection kits and other epidemic prevention materials into the “Spring Festival bag”, full of hearts from the motherland, add peace to overseas Chinese and add peace to the Spring Festival.In addition to the “Spring Festival Kits”, Chinese embassies and consulates abroad also organized “Spring Seedling Action” to provide timely vaccinations for Overseas Chinese, issued “health kits” for many times, and issued epidemic prevention alerts and safety tips…The motherland strives to build epidemic prevention barriers for the homeless in foreign lands, protecting their health and becoming the strong backing of every fellow countrymen.Because of the epidemic, many Chinese travelers will spend the Year of the Tiger overseas.I think of my parents all the more on a fair festival dayTo soothe the homesick feelings of overseas Chinese, many Chinese embassies and consulates have included not only Spring Festival couplets and calendars, but also candies and snacks in their “Spring Festival bags”.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will begin during the Spring Festival. Some Chinese embassies and consulates have put Winter Olympic-themed souvenirs in their Spring Festival bags.Welcoming and cheering the Winter Olympics has become a new link between the motherland and overseas Chinese people.People interact with the “Lion” during a performance at Britain’s National Maritime Museum in London, Britain, Jan. 29, 2019.A Chinese New Year celebration was held at the UK’s National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London, on Thursday.(Xinhua/Li Ying) “It feels good to be missed by the motherland.” The warmth and care of the motherland has been deeply responded by overseas Chinese.On social media platforms, many overseas Chinese recorded the process of picking up and unpacking the “Spring Festival bags” and sending moving words like “The motherland is so warm” through the Internet, which resonated more for the friendship and interaction between the motherland and overseas Chinese.”The motherland is the eternal backing of overseas Chinese.” “Mothers at home care about their children, and wherever they go, they will feel warm and down-to-earth.” “People have faith, and the country has strength.”A flood of such comments flooded the comment section.Some people share the souvenirs of Chinese elements such as the panda doll in the “Spring Festival bag”, which is the envy of colleagues in other countries, with foreign friends around them, so that Chinese culture and Oriental feelings can infect more people in the world.The epidemic has changed the way many people celebrate the Spring Festival, but “Spring Festival bags” are flooding the world, full of deep care and love from the motherland, creating a unique and warm emotional memory for every overseas Chinese.The great strength of national unity behind this gives us reason to believe that the New Year will be better.