All-star Rookie game!The second rookie 20 points out of the early, the new science top 13+5+6 to advance to the finals

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On February 19, Beijing time, the NBA finally ushered in the attention of the all-star weekend.We’re halfway through the regular season, and the league has plenty of talented young players.On the first day of All-Star Weekend, there was the Rookie Challenge.Instead of the usual schedule, the all-star Rookie Challenge will feature a new format: four teams of seven will play a total of three games (two semifinals and one final), with 25 points awarded for each win.Also, the semifinals will be won by the first team to score 50 points, and the final will be won by the first team to score 25 points.To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NBA, the league used this special way to commemorate, or a certain significance.The Worthy team consists of Cole Anthony, Maxie, Jaylen Green, Suggs, Giddy and Herbert Jones;Isaiah had Edwards, Bain, Sadiq Bay, Halliburton, Stewart and Achuwa;For Payton, lamelo Ball, Barnes, McDaniels, Hyland, Kuminga, Domson and Duarte;And team Barry with Cunningham, Wagner Jr., Evan Mobley, Jayshawn Tate, Okoro and Shin Kyung.In the first semifinal, rookie jaylen Green’s Woolsey team played against Edwards’ Isaiah team.The game began with a fierce duel, with Worthy’s Jaylen Green hitting a series of jumpers and multiple 3-pointers.Unfortunately, despite scoring a crucial 20 points in the semifinals, the team was unable to clinch the victory and end the All-Star Rookie Challenge early.That’s right, worthy was knocked out of the game 49-50 by the Isaiah sophomores, who played all hands.In the second semifinal, Peyton vs Barry, the two sides were very close for a long time, did not open up a large margin.Cunningham, the no. 1 overall pick, had 13 points, five rebounds and six assists on 5-of-10 shooting.But the team’s Tate was able to complete the final kill, scoring two goals, and the score of 50-48, to advance to the final, and Isaiah team showdown.Worth affirming is, when the last session of the first pick Edwards, meet the new department of the first pick Cunningham, in the end will burst out what kind of spark, really still have no small watch.