Another “paycheck fired by peeping Tom”

2022-05-26 0 By

In the workplace, salary has always been a taboo for major companies. Many employment contracts have clearly stipulated that employees are not allowed to discuss salary in the company, and salary confidentiality has become an unspoken thing for employees.Many were fired for asking about colleagues’ salaries and leaking payslips.In June last year, the hashtag # asking about a colleague’s salary and being fired became a hot topic on Weibo, where a netizen reported that he was fired the next day after asking about a colleague’s salary.Recently, jiupai news reported that on February 16, a guy in Jinan, Shandong province was fired by Hema Xiansheng for leaking secrets after his colleague saw his salary slips.According to media reports, Zheng said he didn’t mean to leak, but was being peeped into.Hema responded that wages are confidential and clearly stipulated in its employee handbook.The staff did not elaborate on whether Zheng’s salary information was deliberately leaked.”We will actively promote the mediation of relevant parties and submit relevant evidence materials in accordance with the arbitration procedures,” said a hema xiansheng official on Monday.The issue of salary transparency has once again become a hot topic.Online we question the key point lies in: first, Zheng’s payroll is “peeping”, not intentionally leaked, but Hema xiansheng but dismissed Zheng, peeping people but no matter.Second, a platitude question, whether it is reasonable for enterprises to implement salary confidentiality system.Salary is an individual’s privacy, when does it become a company’s privacy.It was not immediately known whether the employee who peeped into Zheng’s pay slip would be dealt with.But whether the “salary confidentiality” system is reasonable is spread in front of the enterprise and the employee once again.In fact, from the point of view of the enterprise, the implementation of salary confidentiality is mainly from the protection of employee privacy, to prevent mutual comparison, reduce the flow of personnel and other aspects, for the enterprise is indeed conducive to management.However, as far as employees are concerned, salary is indeed a personal privacy, and the company can allow discussion. When others ask about salary, they can avoid discussing it because it is personal privacy. The final choice is in the hands of employees, rather than letting the employer decide whether to discuss it or not.On the other hand, because only one knows his own salary, he cannot compare it with others, so he cannot get feedback on whether the salary is reasonable. Therefore, from this aspect, the salary secrecy system may indirectly cover up the suspicion of different pay for equal work of some employees.Although the enterprise is based on the ability of employees to determine the salary, there is nothing wrong with such a provision, but we are worried that the same ability, the same work, but get different wages, “unreasonable” high wages is the reason why people want to discuss salary or see the salary bar.In fact, even if the enterprise is not allowed to discuss salary, as long as the company’s salary system and employee evaluation system are perfect and reasonable, and the legitimate rights and interests of employees are guaranteed, the system can still be recognized.However, at present, many employers cannot deal with the demands of employees well, and there is no channel for employees to give feedback when they are treated unfairly. Even if they do, they still do not get a result of treatment, which leads to the contradiction between employees and enterprises.Therefore, we respect the company’s rules and regulations to the extent that it is reasonable, but we should resolutely safeguard our legitimate rights and interests through legal means when it comes to violations of employees’ rights and interests. A good workplace environment cannot be solved by a “salary secrecy system”, but requires joint efforts of the company and employees.