Close-up: Hello, Beijing!

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Close-up: Hello, Beijing!China News Service, Beijing, February 4Hello, Beijing!By Du Yan xu Jing from Athens, Greece to Beijing, China, 112 years.From Beijing to Beijing, 14 years.In the 100-year history of the modern Olympic Movement, Beijing has made history by becoming the world’s first “Double Olympic City”.On Feb 4, The start of Spring, the first of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar, ushered in the “Winter Olympics”.Tian ‘anmen, with a long history of more than 600 years, once again meets the first morning light of the whole land of China. In the magnificent national anthem of the People’s Republic of China, and the excited people watch the five-star red flag rising slowly together.Under the Chinese flag, Mr. Bai wore a red mask with gold lettering that read “I love you, China,” his eyes brimming with tears.Early Sunday morning, he and his wife, along with his 70-year-old father and middle school son, drove nearly 30 kilometers from north Beijing to Tiananmen Square.”It’s a ceremony to come and watch the flag-raising.Listening to the national anthem and watching the national flag being raised made me feel excited.”He said that in recent years, his way to work has become more convenient, the blue sky has become better and better, and the community environment has become more and more beautiful. “I sincerely wish the motherland is becoming stronger and stronger, and everyone is living a happier life. I also wish the Winter Olympic Games to be held smoothly.”Lu Ying and her brother could not return to their hometown in Hubei for the Spring Festival this year because of COVID-19.She said that a few days ago, I saw from the news that the Chinese sports delegation for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games watched the flag-raising ceremony in Tian ‘anmen Square and took the oath here. She also came to a different kind of “colleague”.In the center of Tian ‘anmen Square, the huge “Chinese knot” inlaid with the emblem of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games becomes the background for people to take photos.Lu ying said while taking photos of her brother that they were studying in Wuhan at the beginning of the outbreak.China’s epidemic prevention and control has achieved remarkable results, and the two moved to Beijing to start their careers after graduation.”In the midst of the epidemic, I feel the strength and warmth of the motherland and the cohesion and execution of the Chinese people.”She said with a smile that with the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games just around the horizon, she wished athletes from all over the world not only a good performance but also a stronger sense of unity.At 8 o ‘clock on August 8, 2008, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games was held in the “Bird’s Nest”, showing to the world the gorgeous picture of Chinese civilization and the history of a country’s progress.That summer, the world refreshed the understanding of Oriental countries, also let the Russian girl Alex “fascinated by China”.The 4th was “the most exciting and nervous day” in her six years in China.As a graduate student at the School of Journalism and Communication at Peking University, she was selected to be a cast member for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Tonight, she will “pay tribute to the people” at the glittering “Bird’s Nest” and with young people from all over the world.At 6 o ‘clock, she had taken a bus from Peking University to make final preparations for the wonderful presentation of the opening ceremony.In her eyes, the Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a grand event attracting worldwide attention, but also a dialogue to communicate with the world.She is looking forward to presenting a beautiful performance for Chinese and foreign friends with her passion and efforts at the beginning of Spring.In 2021, “More United” will be added to the Olympic motto to call on the world to overcome difficulties in the complex situation of century-old changes and pandemic.In the face of a new round of COVID-19, Beijing has gone all out to take decisive and strict measures to stop the spread of the virus as quickly as possible.At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation in Beijing is generally under control, but we are not slackening our efforts.Jia Shuwen, the first community secretary of Wanian Huacheng, and more than 100 community workers, cadres and volunteers arranged nucleic acid testing sites overnight in Xincun street, Fengtai District, Beijing, and organized residents to take a new round of nucleic acid testing at 6 PM.”It’s duty.”He said that he may miss the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, but he is committed to the prevention and control of the epidemic. “I hope the Winter Olympics will be held safely and smoothly, and I also hope that spring will be warm and the epidemic will be scattered.”Dongsi Olympic Community Park was built in dongsi Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing in 2004 to welcome the 29th Summer Olympic Games.Today, the park has the Olympic Flame sculpture, the Olympic Family relief wall, the International Olympic figures group carving, as well as additional sports facilities and cultural and sports activities of the public space.An Guohua, a 67-year-old community resident, went to the dongsi Olympic Community Park downstairs to practice taiji Sword in the morning of April 4, which is a habit she has persisted for more than two years.As a volunteer for the 2008 Olympics, she says the community has integrated Olympic ideals into daily life, making it the world’s first double-Olympic community.Walking around the park, you can learn about the history of the Olympics, experience the Olympic movement and feel like an “Olympian”.She said, the start of spring, there is a folk custom of “biting spring”.”I have prepared the spring pancakes. I will welcome the Winter Olympics with my family. I look forward to seeing Beijing surprise the world again.”Residents are ready, “Double Olympic City” Beijing is ready, And China is ready for the opening of the 24th Winter Olympic Games on February 4.The beginning of spring opens a new cycle.When the Winter Olympics and the Chinese Year meet in Beijing, when the eastern and western civilizations hand in hand in the “Double Olympic City”, a “simple, safe and wonderful” Olympic grand meeting will be presented to the world, a new legend will be staged for all mankind, “Come Together, Together to the future!”(after)