The World 2 (Original)

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Life is short.Suffering is successive, some even has not yet been born, namely has fallen/so people only said, down the first cry of life is god trying to tell you alive is not easy, not casually/survive, is a hero who unearthed soon waist folded seedlings, are not rare/as beggars is not necessarily the most lazy betray body of prostitutes is not voluntary/high officials give,It is also an experience to say that a dead camel is bigger than a horse. Some of those who die without a burial place are also high officials. The ninety-eight and eleven shown in Journey to the West should be the answer to life that everyone must make.Is a big stage, everyone is directing and acting. Who doesn’t want to stand in the middle of the stage to enjoy the flowers and applause. But the truth is, nine times out of ten, life is not what we wish for, it is just a miserable one or two things.Everyone is in the heat of the smelting is gold or slag, the naked eye can tell/said that through the world of mortals is just a complaint, it is better to be wise after the event to learn from the experience of the past/no one can tell whether the shoes they take off tonight will be worn tomorrow morning