For chronic pain, try a float needle

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Acupuncture and moxibustion is a characteristic means of treating diseases in Traditional Chinese medicine. You must be familiar with or have experienced acupuncture and moxibustion.But do you know what floating needle therapy is?Floating needle therapy is used to sweep the superficial subcutaneous fascia around the local pain with disposable floating needle and other needles. It is mainly used for the treatment of neck, shoulder, waist, leg pain and some miscellaneous diseases of internal medicine and gynecology caused by unrelaxed muscles and blood stagnation.Floating needle medicine was invented by Dr. Fu Zhonghua in 1996. After persistent research and exploration, floating needle medicine has developed from a simple acupuncture method at the beginning to a diagnosis of floating needle medicine.In theory, the theories of “affected muscle”, “reperfusion activity”, “poor blood environment” and “new theory of qi and blood” have been established, so that the floating needle therapy with subcutaneous shallow puncture has a good effect.This acupuncture method has become an important branch of the development direction of modern acupuncture.As an appropriate technology project of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, it has been serving clinical patients for many years. It has the characteristics of standard operation, fast feedback of curative effect, safe and green process, etc.1. Select the insertion point by site: floating acupuncture therapy selects the insertion point according to the location and range of the pain, which is very different from the traditional acupuncture theory.2. Needle injection around the lesion: floating needle therapy is used around the pain, the needle tip does not reach the disease site, sometimes even far away.3. Superficial prickles under the skin: Traditional acupuncture therapy mostly goes deep into the muscle layer.The tissue involved in floating needle therapy is subcutaneous tissue (mainly loose connective tissue).4. Do not get gas: floating needle therapy requires to avoid patients with acid, swelling, heavy, numb, sink and other sense of air, the doctor holding the needle should be soft without resistance feeling.5. Long catheter retention time: the traditional acupuncture method usually retains the needle for 15-30 minutes, rarely more than 60 minutes, while floating needle therapy can indwelling the hose for a long time. Due to the particularity of floating needle, patients do not feel uncomfortable during the catheter retention process, and even do not notice the existence of the hose.6. Sweeping is an important link: the motion of the needle body swinging from left to right, like a fan, is constantly improved and perfected in clinical practice.Whether or not there is a sweeping action, or the quality of the completion of the sweeping is often the direct reason affecting the curative effect.1. Quick effect: in the treatment of pain, convergence can be achieved after the completion of acupuncture or sweeping.2. Indications: Because of the high repeatability of floating needle therapy, doctors should have a much better grasp of the prognosis when using floating needle therapy than the general method.3. For multiple points of pain in the same area or related areas: Floating needle therapy usually does not require needling every point, but only a small number of needle points can relieve multiple pains, especially in one area or adjacent areas.Compared to traditional acupuncture, which uses many acupoints, floating needles enter fewer points, thus causing less pain.4. For pain in standing or other special positions: because floating needle therapy does not penetrate muscle and uses only 1 or 2 insertion points, it can be treated while standing or special position.Also because it does not go deep into the muscle layer, it can be operated while moving the diseased joints and limbs.5. Safe and no side effects: Floating needle therapy not only does not have the toxic effect, side effect and reaction of drug treatment, because its needle body is only under the skin, so the phenomenon of broken needle and delayed needle in traditional acupuncture no longer exists.6. During the catheter retention period of floating needle therapy, patients can move freely and do not need to leave needles on the treatment bed or chair like traditional acupuncture therapy, so the treatment site and space are flexible.Good news!Currently, lead the team in Beijing huaxin Dr FuZhongHua hospital (tsinghua university first affiliated hospital) in diagnosis and treatment, patients with demand can come to hospital see a doctor: visit time: every Wednesday and Saturday morning in the morning where: outpatient three layers: make an appointment way WeChat attention “tsinghua YiFuYuan service date” or “bjhxyyfwh”, click – appointment.Elderly patients over 60 years old and children under 16 years old can register at the hospital window.