Harbin: solve the property service dispute, the third party “judge” group judgment!

2022-05-27 0 By

On the 18th, Harbin Property Service Evaluation supervision Association, composed of more than 30 property service third-party evaluation enterprises in Harbin, held its founding meeting and the first member representative meeting in the management building of Harbin Economic Development Zone.This also means that Harbin property service third-party evaluation industry, formally entered the fast track of group development.At present, one of the main reasons for frequent property disputes in the community is the lack of necessary supervision conditions and means, which leads to the lack of circulation and asymmetry of relevant information in the community, resulting in constant conflicts among the community developers, property service enterprises and owners.The third party evaluation supervision, from the perspective of the third party to fair, just and professional supervision of the property service quality of the property enterprise, substantively reflects the owners’ right to know about the property project, the right to joint management.The third party organization tracks and supervises and urges the standardization of the service management of the property enterprise, and ensures that it performs the property service management in accordance with the law, regulations and contracts.With the aim of eliminating information asymmetry and unclear rights and responsibilities between owners, developers and property service enterprises, third-party evaluation and supervision agencies are regarded as an important part of the transparency and modernization development of property management industry by more and more people in the industry.In the next step, the Municipal Property Service Evaluation supervision Association will study the development strategy and industry dynamics of the property service evaluation supervision industry, and guide the third party of the property service in Harbin to carry out the evaluation and supervision work with the most suitable way for Harbin.Professional training will be organized to give full play to the objective evaluation role of property service evaluation and supervision activities, so as to provide more professional and standardized services to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of owners and property service enterprises, improve the overall level of property service, and promote the construction of harmonious communities.For the government, owners, property enterprises and construction units in the property service project management, handover, promote the property service quality and price consistency, promote fair trade, resolving conflicts and disputes and other aspects play a positive role.Source: Bingcheng + client reporter Liu Shubo