Hunan Huaihua: at the beginning of the New Year, hunan broadcasting and TELEVISION station urban channels to strategic signing

2022-05-27 0 By

New Year new action!The county’s tourism spread has been upgraded!Just after 2022, the county entered into strategic cooperation with Hunan Hunan Radio and TELEVISION City Channel!The urban channel of Hunan Broadcasting and Television station is the channel focusing on urban communication of Hunan broadcasting and television station. Since its inception in May 2001, it has shown amazing growth.Hunan has become a popular TV audience preferred channels.On January 26, 2022, Zhijiang Dong Autonomous County of Hunan held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with Hunan Broadcasting and TV Station urban Channel.The cooperation will lead to a comprehensive introduction of mango IP resources, use of hunan radio and television brand support the introduction of professional brigade dispersing pertains model, derive the zhijiang characteristic cultural connotation, through “brand planning + hot spots, all media dispersing pertains” mode of integrating media, to provide content products as the core, and assist the project into a vacuum hot eyes, help zhijiang to realize a new image,We will help upgrade the regional economy and jointly build a spiritual landmark and a new name card for tourism focusing on “harmony” culture.Let’s give a thumbs up to the signing of this cooperation!I believe that under the deep attention of the urban channel of Hunan Broadcasting and TELEVISION station, the cultural travel communication of Zhijiang will get better development.The main information of this article comes from Victory Zhi River!If have tort, contact deletes namely!