Lippi told reporters it was ridiculous that the ASSOCIATION wanted China to enter the World Cup in 2035

2022-05-27 0 By

A few years ago, in order to improve the national football team’s performance, the Football Association invited the world famous coach Lippi, Lippi became the head coach of the National team of China, and we all know what happened after Lippi led the Chinese team.After lippi resigned, has been in Italy for retirement, lippi is also very concerned about our Chinese men’s football team, after all, there is a deep affection.Lippi recently told reporters that when he was head coach of the Chinese national team, the FOOTBALL Association planned to allow the national team to enter the World Cup in 2035.Lippi knew about it at the time but kept it a secret until now.Really is the feeling of the Football association whimsical, this is simply impossible a thing.With the current level of The National football team, let alone in the World Cup, even beat some Asian opponents can not beat.The national football team has not been 20 years ago, naturalization is of no help, who did not think of the national football team regressive so severe.This is also a ridiculous thing, DO not know why the football association leadership would have such an idea.Lipi at this time will this matter disclosure, lethality is very big, football association leadership should be very passive.South Korean media also said that the environment for soccer in China is not good, and the number of people who learn soccer from childhood is very few, adding that this is an Achilles’ heel.South Korea can see it, and so can the leadership of our football association.Now is the time to expand the size of the football population, we have 1.4 billion people.We 1.4 billion people, even if a small part of the people like football, love football, then we will have tens of millions of football population, this is also a huge number, tens of millions of people choose to play football, will become very easy.But sadly now we have a football population of hundreds of thousands. It is very small. It is not good to choose from hundreds of thousands, so youth development is the priority.It is a strange phenomenon that many people watch football but no one plays it.