Show off in the Year of the Tiger!The Hanshow begins on the first day of the lunar New Year, and there are also colorful outdoor activities

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At the beginning of the New Year, the Year of the Tiger is coming.A few days ago, wuhan city’s various arts troupes during the Spring Festival performance catalogue has been released, and in addition to the arts troupes, Hubei Theater, Wuhan Theater, Qintai Grand Theater, Qintai Concert Hall, Han Show Theater also released the latest Spring Festival arrangement.Jimu News learned that compared with other theaters, hanxiu Theater will hold hanxiu performances for audiences at 15:00 and 19:30 every day from February 1 to February 6 (the first to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year).In addition, the Hanshow team will also hold a number of outdoor performances to add joy to the Spring Festival atmosphere in Jiangcheng.It is reported, on February 1, by han xiu theaters, the women of han XiuNv actor of universal “han show girl HANSHOW GIRLS”, will bring the first flash performance in han street – the han members in addition to sing and show GIRLS and also the upper air diving and various kinds of acrobatic difficult movements, can’t show high action in han street,Do you think they’ll do something else?From February 1 to February 6, in addition to the performance, the audience can also participate in the New Year blind box wall activity of Hanshow Theater at the Hanshow ticket office in Hanshow Street. In addition to the opportunity to take photos and clock in, the audience who bought hanshow tickets at the Hanshow ticket booth during the New Year will have a chance to draw a blind box.During the six days, there will also be dragon-boat dance performances in the square in front of hanxiu Theater. At that time, hanxiu artists will use “celebration dance” to ring auspicious and safe movements for the audiences from afar, bringing New Year’s blessings to everyone.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.