Spring Festival on duty, natural gas for me!

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“The Spring Festival in post, guarantee for have me!”The Spring Festival is supposed to be a time for family reunion, but in order to ensure a safe and stable gas supply and ensure the normal use of gas by thousands of families in the city, they always stick to their jobs.When the Year of the Tiger is approaching, the reporter came to Qianhu Village of Xinyuan Sub-district office in Hantai District and entered Hanzhong Branch of Yanchang Petroleum Shaanxi Natural Gas Company, witnessing the persistence of employees and the vigorous development of modern enterprises.Look ahead, present in front of the broad road, lush lawn, clean station, busy figure, a few workers are hanging red lanterns in front of the gate, everywhere permeated with a festive and auspicious festive atmosphere.In Hanzhong sub-transmission station, wang Rui, a gas transmission engineer in red uniform, has just carried out routine sewage discharge for the horizontal separator of Hanzhong Line and checked the operation of equipment and facilities.Standing in the cold wind, he smiled and told reporters: “As a gas delivery worker, I guarantee the safety and stability of gas delivery during the Spring Festival, so that people warm in the winter.It’s our job and our pride!”Pipeline for industry, station for home.Zhang Chenyang, a classmate of his, told reporters, “She has been working in Hanzhong for ten years and has not been back to her hometown for the Spring Festival for several years. No matter how windy or rainy it is, she has to do routine inspection every two hours during her shift, switching processes and checking equipment leaks according to the operation conditions.”Although it is boring, the company has arranged love services for the employees to celebrate the Spring Festival, from catering to entertainment, everything is warm and considerate, which makes Zhang feel that the Spring Festival in the company is as happy as the Spring Festival at home.In the staff innovation studio, Liu Liying, the monitor of the maintenance class, is focusing on the maintenance of mobile phone circuit boards.The reporter asked curiously, what does your work have to do with the mobile phone circuit board?LiuLiYing truth, mobile phone circuit board and circuit board have some knowledge of the principle of terminal equipment is interlinked, through actual practice and accumulation, not only expand the scope of business skills, also let them learn to extrapolate, instance, encounter problems don’t panic, there are solutions, so as to grow up to be “mastering many skills while specializing in” technical workers.Against the special background of epidemic prevention and control, the more than 60 workers here have decided to give up their families to care for everyone, celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot and ensure supply.The 60 people who stick to work in the company mainly include station production, comprehensive office and logistics support personnel.Among them, the dispatching room is on duty 24 hours a day, double posts, four shifts and three operations, and other posts are off by turns.Learned, hanzhong as bao han line distribution station in southern shaanxi, han Ann line, Kang Han line operations in southern shaanxi in various cities and counties to the hub (area) the gas supply security task of terminal is mainly composed of four parts, respectively is bao han line process area, han Ann line Kang Han line process areas and hanzhong CNG gas station in hanzhong city distribution station can realize two-way supply overcome difficult and lose,Which aspect of hanzhong Branch of The Provincial Natural Gas Company is full of challenges and the biggest production pressure?Since the establishment of Hanzhong Branch, line management has been the top priority in the daily work of the branch. The natural gas pipelines of Baohan line and Han ‘an Line cross the north and south of the Qinling Mountains, which belong to the area with frequent natural disasters.Especially in the flood season every year, the problem of how to ensure the safety of natural gas pipeline has been affecting the heart of the company’s leaders, but also the heavy burden and responsibility on the staff.From August 21 to 22, 2021, most of Mianxian county was hit by heavy rain, and the maximum rainfall exceeded the historical extreme value. The Changgou River pipeline in Mianxian of Kanghan Line experienced the most severe test.Heavy rainfall caused highway inundation, a number of mountain floods, landslides, landslides, debris flows and other geological disasters.Based on the prediction of dangerous situations and previous experience, the branch immediately started the emergency plan and organized personnel to rush to the scene.After arrived at the scene, found debris flow in pipe nudity and impending, landslide resulted in the deformation of the rock crushing of pipeline, the scene immediately made a temporary measure, dangling and dew section for support and sandbags to protect, the mian county to the section of the pipeline was buck, then organize emergency rescue unit emergency rescue operations, rescue task in time,To ensure the normal supply of gas in southern Shaanxi.How many sleepless nights, provincial natural gas company departments, branch employees, line maintenance workers, emergency construction personnel have been sticking to the scene of emergency.They do not speak of hardship and fatigue, with practical actions to ensure the smooth operation of safe gas transmission production.Under the background of “carbon peak and carbon neutral”, natural gas, as a low-carbon fossil energy, has a special position and significance in China’s energy system.The provincial natural gas Company actively responds to the national “double carbon” policy, actively practices the concept of green development, strives to develop comprehensive energy, transportation energy and other businesses, increases the development and utilization of low-carbon environmental protection energy, and promotes the clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient use of energy.”Gas in the short term in our country, realize the goal of carbon was at peak, carbon neutral, play an important role in the process, it will be our country long-term carbon neutral action with zero carbon energy of low carbon energy, much more environmentally friendly compared to coal, oil and more use of natural gas, reducing the energy consumption of the other, can reduce pollution of the environment.”Su Xiaohui, director of the comprehensive management office, laughed.In a sense, the blue sky and white clouds in Hanzhong today also have a contribution to the clean energy of natural gas.Baohan Line, Han ‘an Line, Kanghan Line have been put into operation base completion and put into operation……Provincial natural gas company for more than 10 years to adhere to the emancipation of the mind pioneering, brave peak constantly inject new vitality into the development of enterprises each growth process is a qualitative leap after 13 years of unremitting efforts and innovation and development, provincial natural gas company in southern Shaanxi completed the operation of long distance natural gas pipeline total mileage of 646 kilometers,It has 11 gas transmission stations and 25 line cut-off valve rooms, and is responsible for pipeline natural gas supply in 15 counties and districts of baoji, Hanzhong, Ankang and Longnan city in Gansu Province.In 2021, a total of 141 million cubic meters of gas was supplied to Hanzhong, with a year-on-year growth of 20.08%.Hanzhong branch from was established in 2009 to now, the strong leadership of CPC municipal committee and municipal government and the support from the provincial natural gas company, concept of safety development, insist on people first, life, always put the safety in production in important position, firmly implement the responsibility system for production safety, completes the daily operation management and maintenance, ensure gas supply is adequate,To contribute to hanzhong’s economic development and people’s life.Send warmth, offer love, do practical work, highlight the responsibility and responsibility of state-owned enterprises.Provincial company solidly promote “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities see action, in-depth understanding of the needs of grass-roots workers and the masses, to help the masses to solve the “emergency” problem, and constantly enhance the sense of access and happiness of the masses of workers.We carried out the volunteer service activity of “Warm Hearts and Realize Dreams for Students”, subsidized 2 needy students in The key county of rural revitalization — Liuyang County, visited 3 families of road patrol workers in Flood-affected mianxian County, and donated more than 50 people to the flood in Henan and the heavy rain in Luonan.Winter is the peak of gas consumption, safety production is particularly important.Provincial natural gas company organized the Spring Festival early safety special inspection work, strengthen the personnel on duty, strengthen the line patrol, do a good job of equipment and facilities maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of facilities, smooth and orderly production safety.In 2021, hanzhong region plans to consume 126 million m3 of air. By January 28, 2022, the actual supply of air has reached 70.4552 million m3, which is 55.9% of the planned amount.For the future development of the provincial natural gas company in Hanzhong is more expected.During the 14th five-year period, the provincial natural gas company will continue to increase the investment in the people’s livelihood service projects, to create a professional emergency and rescue team, to ensure the safety of gas supply;Strengthen the management and maintenance of the line, ensure the supply of clean energy to the greatest extent, and contribute more to hanzhong’s energy security and economic and social stability.Hanzhong Daily reporter: Ren Fang Editor: Zi Liang