The world’s two psychic mediums have made their latest predictions for 2022.

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The current spread of delta and omicron variants is pushing the number of infections to record highs and causing a surge in hospitalizations and deaths.Who Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said he was very concerned that the more infectious omicron variant was spreading at the same time as Delta, triggering a tsunami of disease.Tedros reminded everyone that just two years ago, as people gathered to celebrate the New Year, a new global threat emerged.Since then, 1.8 million people have died in 2020 and 3.5 million in 2021.Millions more are dealing with the long-term effects of the virus.As we enter 2022, many people are wondering when the epidemic will end in the face of ever-changing strains of the virus.On the issue of greatest concern to all, Anand made it clear on December 16, 2021 that the epidemic would end by May 2023.British celebrity Ling May Morgan had previously predicted that the epidemic would not end until 2023.Morgan and Anand’s predictions coincide.In a recent book, Morgan further warns that by 2022 there will be two new houses of mutant strains that spread faster and trickier than omicron.Well, let’s start with Morgan’s latest predictions.Lynne Morgan, 60, has been described as Britain’s most popular Lynne and counts famous singers and actors among his clients.His special shows tend to have full houses.Morgan claims his first experience of the jungle took place when he was nine months old, in a bar in his twenties, and he accurately predicted that a friend would become a millionaire.Morgan’s latest prediction predicts a mass divorce in the UK’s entertainment industry in 2022.The outbreak may continue.He also said it was feared that a young male pop star would die as a result of the diagnosis.Morgan was also a close friend of Britain’s princess of Disaster, according to the Daily Mail.In September 2021, her 74-year-old husband died of cognitive problems.Morgan predicted at the start of the outbreak that it would last at least five years.’It’s 22 now,’ Mr. Morgan said. ‘I wish I could be optimistic, but I can’t.’According to Morgan’s new book, two other new strains could emerge in 2022.’I think one of them is going to be more difficult than omicron,’ he said. ‘It’s going to develop very quickly and spread quite quickly.’The year 2022 will be another walk in the dark for scientists.Morgan predicts there could be two other new mutated viruses in 2022, one of which I think will be even nastier than omicron.Morgan stressed that new mutated viruses can develop quickly and spread fairly quickly.He said the government might also resume lockdown measures at hospitals.There will be a confirmed death of a young and famous male singer this year. Ok, we are going to share with you.The other is predictions made by prophets.As some of you may have guessed, he was the late Bulgarian blind prophet Dragon Lady.After an accident of blindness at the age of 12, 88,000 people acquired psychic powers and the ability to cause disease, becoming Europe’s most famous psycho-coal.Successful languages, such as the collapse of the Soviet Union, the 9/11 attacks, Brexit and the 2004 Tsunami disaster in South Asia, have amazed the world.According to expert analysis, blind dragon lady has been predicting with 85 percent accuracy over the years.As the year 2022 is approaching, some media have unearthed the predictions made by 880,000 people in their lifetime and related to the year 2020. It is surprisingly found that 880,000 people have predicted six major disasters in the year 2020, including the invasion of a new virus, and the evil U F O touching the earth, abducting human beings for experiments, etc.It is feared to have a serious impact on humanity, and people are urged to be prepared.Eighty-eight thousand family died in 1996, so far 25 years.According to one follower, the last time he visited Longma, he repeatedly shouted Carolina.It was only after Convenient that he realised Carolina meant the viral pandemic that affected the world.According to foreign media reports, 880,000 predicted that by 2022, scientists would find a deadly variant of the virus, no less dangerous than Omicron, still sleeping in the ice at the Siberian base.Large and small cities around the world will face water shortages, and many canal glaciers will be polluted, causing water shortages.The United Nations estimates that 1.8 billion people will be without water by 2025.88,000 people have said that another new virus will emerge in 2022, and the reason for the rapid spread of viruses from Siberia seems to be related to climate change.Climate change will also lead to water shortages and more unequal distribution, with serious political consequences.Many Southeast Asian countries are expected to experience severe flooding, resulting in countless deaths and injuries.Weather anomalies, temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius, will devastate farming across the country, and the erratic weather will also cause locust blooms and the worst locust plague in history, destroying crops and farmland and eventually leading to famine.In October 2017, the red Queen star found by the International Fan Xing Project was previously presumed to be a comet, but because it does not have a comet structure, the movement of the trajectory is very unusual, causing academic debate.Eighty-eight thousand claim that these are alien ships, designed to travel to Earth to capture humans for human experimentation.Despite the seeming absurdity, Harvard Astronomy Department chair Abraham also supports this theory, and concluded that red Queen is most likely a vehicle for aliens.In the end, we sorted out the 880,000 predictions for 2012 and found six.So let’s list these six fables in detail.The first is that in 2022, people will spend more time immersed in the virtual world, they will spend more time in front of a screen toiling away instead of real life.Second, an even more terrifying and deadly virus is about to break out in Siberia. It has been frozen in ice, but climate change will unleash the supervirus.Thirdly, many big cities around the world face the problem of water shortage.Fourth, aliens will launch an asteroid at Earth to declare war on humanity.Reisa: Life on earth is trying to bring about the end of mankind.The fifth predicted that the earth’s climate problem is heating up again, climate change is getting worse, summer temperatures rise to 50 degrees Celsius, resulting in crop failure, will usher in the spread of the global food crisis.The sixth predicted that the earthquake and tsunami around the world into the danger of natural disasters, especially Australia and parts of Asia will be affected by floods, natural disasters.Good, today about blind longpo 880,000, for the six major catastrophes in 2012, to share with you here.I’ll see you next time.