Baoding Wangdu county on April 1 at 20 o ‘clock to implement the territorial containment management

2022-05-28 0 By

According to cope with COVID wangdu county – 19 outbreak work leading group office, according to the announcement on April 1, according to the need of the epidemic prevention and control work, to ensure the people’s life safety and body health, according to the relevant provisions of the relevant laws and regulations and the epidemic prevention and control, the county leading group for the epidemic prevention and control research, comprehensive analysis, the panel shall manage the traffic control is the county notice is as follows:Since 20 o ‘clock on April 1, the implementation of regional containment management.The registered population, permanent resident population and floating population in the county are requested to return to their place of residence immediately and wait for nucleic acid testing.During the containment period, except for nucleic acid testing, epidemic prevention and supply protection, emergencies and other special circumstances, all personnel should stay indoors and stay relatively still, and do a good job of home health monitoring.Each village, community only leave an entrance, 24 hours to arrange a person on duty.Source: Wangdu