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It’s another Spring Festival. When the whole family gets together, a group of people dressed in Tibetan blue stay open 24 hours a day to fight crime, relieve traffic jams, and serve the people, harvesting their own Stories about the Spring Festival.01 that two touched shu shu children and aunt, please stop!30 January 16, traffic patrol detachment from all of the double phoenix brigade of ongoing tension in the first-line work on duty, on duty is taoyuan avenue police suddenly found someone close to the police pick-up trucks, Chen immediately alert up he found was a kid in a pickup truck rummaging through the trunk, xiao Chen, rushed up and wanted to ask what children need help,Which know the children found the arrival of the police, immediately stepped on the bicycle to leave the scene, only to shu Shu left a mobile phone inside the snapshot of the back.There is a group of people dressed in Tibetan blue, stay open 24 hours a day, silently stick to the front line of fighting crime, preventing traffic jams and serving the people, harvest their own Spring Festival story.When we look back to check the trunk, but found more than a bag of drinks and a “police uncle, sent you” note……On 31 January 20, ssangyong’s police station duty room door, jurisdiction means the aunt lee with a black bag a bit nervous, an hour and a half ago, after the last trip before the lunar New Year fruit business because she didn’t receive the money to come to the police station for help, due to the police aunt asked whether the money has been received,She put the things on the stool a little hesitantly, for a long time before she approached the policeman and said quietly, “I am here to thank you. You contacted the buyer, he came back to pay, but also bought some fruit…”This one casual small indeed lucky, like the spring wind warm guard in the Spring Festival security line we.We received your drinks and fruit!It is your understanding and affirmation that makes this mind especially sweet, and also makes us more firm in guarding our steps on the road!At 21 o ‘clock on January 30, squatting outside the suspect’s home for a whole day of hui Xing police station, finally two days ago the burglary of more than 100 thousand yuan of suspects arrested, and recover stolen property.On the night of January 28, Huixing police station received two reports of burglary from residents of the area.After checking items at the scene, the police found more than 100,000 yuan of stolen property with confirmed value.Clues were hard to find because of the grainy video.But the effort pays off, the police give up rest with a whole day to investigate all possible monitoring points, and finally in 1.5 kilometers away from the place found and locked the suspect, the police rushed to the suspect location without stopping…”Thus, the scene at the beginning of the text appeared.Received the news of the subject excited to express, heartfelt thanks to the police heart of the people, quickly solve the case, the stolen goods pull damage, this is the best news received in the New Year.We hit out, sweep away harmful social order behavior;We thundered and cracked down on crime.Protect the peace of the lights, we, do not close!032 on the theme of 3, is warm relay on February 3 at 16 p.m., Longshan police station duty room received a public alarm that found an old man lost.Police Wang Jian and auxiliary police rushed to the new city Lido residential area under the bridge, saw the enthusiastic alarm of the public and a wheelchair at a loss of the old man, in conversation with the old man, the police found that the old man even his name can not provide, only remember home near the golden orchard.Wang Jiansui will be connected to the old police car to golden orchard, trying to let the old man memories of the direction of the start, after the Yuxiangmen community, the old man finally remembered to live in the community, Wang Jian and auxiliary police will be a limping old man helped safely back home.In the face of the police’s help and assistance, when parting, the old man specially clapped his hands to the police and auxiliary police to show his thanks.At 10 o ‘clock in the evening, huangni 塝 police station received an alarm from the area of the masses in Luneng Star city district near the roadside picked up a wallet, police arrived at the scene inventory found a bag with an ID card, a number of bank cards and cash more than 4700 yuan.Think of the owner at the moment must be very anxious, the police will wallet back to the police station after the non-stop began to find its contact, although the other party is more difficult to find outsiders, but finally under the efforts of the police station and the owner made contact.An hour later, in the face of the recovered wallet, the owner Xu excitedly said: “Thank the good Samaritan in Chongqing, thank the police for their due diligence, devoting their minds to timely contact me, I will pay attention to the next time, I wish everyone a happy New Year”!A rescue, a search, is yubei public security daily work, but also yubei public security daily Spring Festival, this different version of the warm relay, with the trust of the masses, but also with the people’s public security for the people’s adherence.A Chongqing city, black kind-hearted people, the theme of February 3, very beautiful very heavy celebration.There is always someone behind the lights.This is our Spring Festival story, with loyalty to serve the masses, with a firm fight against crime, as well as the warmth of the police concentric, but also a do not close the original heart and guard.Reviewed by Yang Yang Edited by Zhou Lin