Keep guessing

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Perseverance guessed that Xiao was a horse.Perseverance refers to the horse. Since ancient times, the spirit of the horse has left a deep impression on people. Cao Cao wrote that: li-an old hero, costraint, it pursues its own goals with perseverance.Horse introduction: Horse, equidae horse is a herbivorous animal, distributed in China, Mongolia, Arabia and other places.The head of the horse is straight and long, the ears are short, the limbs are long, the bones are solid, the tendons and ligaments are well developed, the hoof is hard, and the horse can run fast on the hard ground.Complex color, sweat glands developed, chest deep and wide, developed heart and lung.They are not afraid of cold and heat, easily adapt to new environments, and have keen sense of hearing and smell.Guessing game: Guessing game is a long history of intelligence games, originated from the Eight diagrams of the I Ching in China.Guessing is to guess something or text within a specified range according to certain rules through a given suggestive text or image.The most common form of riddles is the Chinese lantern riddles, which are often solved consciously by using the characteristics of Chinese characters and Chinese characters.About the Chinese zodiac riddle: Nature does not want to tell the cat, the election of talent.When a friendship goes bad, it dies.(rat) on behalf of the family, good at farming, no food, no money.Dedication to future generations, the model of long-term stay in Linquan.(cattle) ancestors had accounted for Jingyang gang, how many passers-by life injury.Time has changed the concept of change, Wu Song for my area xinjiang.(Tiger) extremely clever and exquisite, three caves hide tunnel.Qiao Jia Shenzhou life beautiful, do not think of mulberry catalpa back to toad Hall.(rabbit) jun is the world’s first male, the wind and rain show magic.The earth of China born light *, into the geng Chen is more different.(dragon) pros and cons are not discussed, how to say it is harmful.A raw rat can do a lot of good, but venom can also cure people.(snake)