Strength of the business department appeared in the dragon tiger list, JIAN Yan Design up 9.02% (02-16)

2022-05-28 0 By

According to the public trading information of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on February 16, 2022, Jianyan Design was listed on the list of the top five securities with a daily turnover rate of 30%, which has a price limit of up and down.Jianyan design closed the day at 40.73 yuan, up or down 9.02%, turnover rate 49.46%, amplitude 16.25%, the turnover of 392 million yuan.February 16th seat details are as follows: there are 3 powerful business departments in the list, respectively ranked buy five, sell one, sell four, total buy 10,825,900 yuan, sell 8,586,600 yuan, net 2,239,300 yuan.The fifth buyer was the second securities business department of Oriental Wealth Securities, Lhasa East Ring Road. This seat bought 3.8860 million yuan, sold 2.4816 million yuan, the net purchase was 1.4044 million yuan.In the past three months, the seat has been listed 1,232 times, ranking 6th in strength.The second securities Business Department of East Fortune Securities in Lhasa east Ring Road today also participated in 21 individual stocks including Jincai Internet (net purchase value: 22.15 million yuan), Zhengping Stock (net purchase value: 12.34 million yuan), And Hengbao Stock (net purchase value: -12.0426 million yuan).Sell 1 is China Merchants Securities trading unit (353800), this seat bought 3.1723 million yuan, sold 3.2861 million yuan, the net buying amount is -113,800 yuan.In the past three months, the seat has been listed 331 times, ranking 11th in power.China Merchants Securities trading unit (353800) today also participated in Zhejiang Construction investment (net purchase amount – 534 million yuan), The United States Jim (net purchase amount of 13.736 million yuan), Zhongke Finance (net purchase amount of 8.7085 million yuan) and other four stocks.The fourth seller was the second securities Business Department of Oriental Wealth Securities, Tuanjie Road, Lhasa. This seat bought 3.7676 million yuan and sold 2.8189 million yuan, with a net purchase value of 948,700 yuan.In the past three months, the seat has been listed 1,219 times, ranking 8th in strength.Oriental Wealth Securities Lhasa Tuanjie Road second securities business department today also participated in Weide Information (net buy 23.3837 million yuan), Poly United (net buy 13.8868 million yuan), Yaben Chemical (net buy – 12.2025 million yuan) and other 18 stocks.Note: The total data in this paper have been de-processed.Disclaimer: This article is based on big data production, only for reference, does not constitute any investment advice, therefore the operation risk oneself.