Matte silver Version of Tesla Model Y shows up in California, possibly with a new color scheme

2022-05-29 0 By

Tesla may unveil matte silver Model Y, as IT’s already been photographed in California.While any owner can wear the color for their Model Y, the car has factory license plates, leading to speculation that it could be a primary color.A matte silver Model Y with factory license plates was found in Cupertino, California. The car was painted in a silver that Tesla doesn’t currently offer, and it used factory license plates, hinting that Tesla may offer matte silver body colors on the Model Y in the future.Tesla had previously introduced a silver color scheme for its cars, but scrapped IT in 2018. Last year, users tweeted that they were seeing too many white Model 3s and Model YS on the road, asking Musk if he could add the now-discontinued silver color to the free color scheme.Musk responded: “That’s a great idea. I’ll discuss it with my team.”