Qiao Xin, Xu Zhengxi starred in the “Yan Yu Fu” hit, male and female main than “tea art” let people head

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The long-awaited Drama Yan Yu Fu has finally aired and met with everyone.Make peach in line with the attitude of trying to open this “Yan Yu fu”, never thought that people will be so top.The opening widowed, sweet cool detective, feudal times she unwilling to yield to fate, live for themselves, let the structure peach one breath after eight sets!In the play she is no longer silly sweet white people, she has 7 scheming and exquisite heart, also with one hand and to the way of “tea”, she is like a blooming lotus “black”, not only annoying, but facing the fate of corrupt she means to reverse the hand of fate, more let a person repeatedly cheered!At the beginning of the drama can be said to be a direct high energy, when she married, the bridegroom suddenly spit blood and fell down, and she also ushered in the fate of being buried with her husband!She advocate face impending tragic fate, she did not compromise, she decided to struggle, fight a way of life for oneself, until fight a splendid future for oneself!She with their own intelligence and wisdom, with male master, found the truth behind the scenes, for their own fight to reverse the fate of the opportunity.In the whole case of the reversal again and again, people can not see the truth, not only the character logic is online, the rhythm is also grasp very good, but also let a person see extremely enjoyable!In addition to the tight rhythm of the plot between the male and female main interaction is also extremely brilliant female Qiu Yan in order to fight for a good home for themselves, she used means close to male two Qin Xuan.And Qin Xuan as male liang Yi’s friend, naturally the Japanese trick to see in the eye, began to destroy the stratagerie.Men in the coincidence of chance to Japanese sister Qiu Min mistaken for once saved the girl, gradually began to close, and he was close to qiu Min natural escape Japanese alert, she also destroyed in order to protect her sister.It sets off a much more hilarious and offsetting exercise than the use of industrial saccharine as they defend their owncabbage.Although the plot logic is online, the interaction of characters makes people top, but can not deny that there is still a certain deficiency!In the case of the story, although the plot is constantly reversed and the logic is online, the plot of the investigation is not very rigorous, and every step has the element of luck and speculation. Although it is not bad for my intelligence, some preciseness is definitely more brilliant.Secondly is the way of clothing some can not keep up, clothes slightly cheap, especially female dress as men’s style really almost mean.But good men and women acting online, handsome female beauty, CP sense is very strong, the plot set and full of new idea, so the flaws do not overshadow, is a characteristic and let the top of the sweet pet detective small sweet drama, into the pit absolutely not loss!But it is not limited to, sweet pet small sweet drama, it has more to exceed the kernel of “basic language fu” Qiao Xin plays in autumn yan deeply do not succumb to fate, not only to speak for themselves, more want to seek a way out for himself, also the passed in female perspective of “my life by my eyes day” conception, tell the world not kidnap people the shackles of fate, as long as do our best for you,And will return you a wonderful life!Have you seen the drama Yan Yu Fu just aired?What do you think of the play?