CBA second stage inventory: Liaoning tops the list, Guangdong has no hope of defending the title, a dark horse rushed to the second!

2022-05-30 0 By

The second phase of the CBA has all come to an end, looking at the standings is not difficult to find that the champion group compared with last season, has undergone a huge change.Once a mighty team, Xinjiang is now in the decline, only ranked 13th, if things continue like this, this season may not even enter the playoffs.Defending champion Guangdong also had a tough season, finishing fifth in the second period and being shut out of the semifinals.The strength of the Guangdong team slipped to such a point, this is the industry and fans did not expect.Fans watching guangdong will find that their usual crushing strength is gone, not to mention liaoning and other strong teams, even the league’s middling teams, there is no absolute chance of victory.Since the start of the season, Guangdong has played a total of 28 regular season games, unexpectedly lost eight games, winning rate of only 71.4 percent.It is an indisputable fact that Guangdong team turns decline from sheng.The direct cause of this result is the aging of the players.The first is Yi Jianlian, who is 34 years old and, like most players, entering the twilight of his career.Yi jianlian has been the iconic figure of guangdong for many years, helping the team win five championships so far.But years of playing left Yi bruised, especially in the 2019-20 playoffs, when he suffered a torn Achilles tendon that forced him to sit out the rest of the season.This season, Although Yi jianlian ushered in a comeback, but his athletic ability significantly decreased, moving speed and jumping are not what they used to be.In addition to Yi Jianlian, Zhou Peng and Weems and other main players, but also facing the age of the problem, in a word, this season’s Guangzhou team championship has been basically hopeless.This season’s winner was Liaoning, who finished the second period with 25 wins and 3 losses.Liaoning team was able to have such a proud record, thanks to their uniform lineup, three lines of home players.Backfield, Guo Alun, Zhao Jiwei two national players plus foreign aid Fuge, this configuration is not afraid of any team in the league;Forward line zhang Zhenlin and Fu Hao are also good at both attack and defense;Inside line although Handejun age slant big, but the team for him invited big foreign aid Morande do partner, make the team’s only short board to eliminate.Guo Allen after years of actual combat temper, whether it is ball skills or psychological quality, are unprecedented mature.Guo is averaging 21.5 points and 6.7 assists per game this season.Guo’s leadership and ability to lead the team have improved, I believe he can lead the team to a second championship cup launched a strong challenge!The biggest surprise of the season has been the Shanghai team, who are now second in the standings with a record of 23 wins and 5 losses.Last season, they only ranked 14th, so to say that the Shanghai team soared to the sky!Shanghai team’s advantage or capital, is their strong lineup thickness, players, and are when the players, this point is too important.Some teams in the CBA have a good starting lineup but a poor bench that won’t get far in the playoffs.At present, Shanghai team two foreign aid Franklin and feng Lai performance is also very strong, they and Wang Zellin, Liu Zheng, Ren Junwei and other domestic generals to form the overall strength, not allow any team underestimated, they may be liaoning team this season’s biggest enemy!Guangdong team because of aging players, so that their hopes of defending the title become slim;Liaoning saw an excellent chance to win.When the third phase begins, the competition between the teams will be more intense, who can give Liaoning team trouble, let us wait and see.