Do bone conduction headphones work?Bluetooth headphones that don’t hurt your ears

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Most of the earphones in people’s cognition need to be deep into the ear. If you wear them for a long time, the ear will swell and hurt, which is very uncomfortable.If it is in the case of exercise sweating, ordinary headphones will be easy to slip, sweat blocked in the ear is also very unhealthy, unhealthy.However, bone conduction earphone, as its name implies, converts sound into mechanical vibration of different frequencies by means of bone conduction, transmitting sound waves through human skull, bone labyrinth, lymph fluid of inner ear, spiralizer and auditory center.Therefore, it does not need to go deep into the ear, which can well open and relax the ears to ensure the health of the ear. In addition, in the case of potential dangers, the use of earphones can also notice the changes of the surrounding environment, making it safer to use.Speaking of which, those who are not familiar with bone conduction earphones are also curious about it. Now let’s talk about some very good bone conduction earphones for you.NANK runner pro3 bone conduction earphone with the leading bone vibrator technology, NANK bone conduction earphone has been ranked TOP1, and has also been verified by dingxiang doctor team, which has been affirmed in terms of product quality and hearing protection effect.In terms of bone conduction technology, South Carolina Runner Pro3 has a built-in fully wrapped bone conduction oscillator, which makes the oscillator work in a closed environment and reduces the generation of sound leakage from the root.Through the use of integrated fuselage to avoid opening further reduce the leakage, and intelligent anti-crosstalk wave system, as the last line of defense, to further offset the remaining leakage, and finally achieve 90% leakage reduction effect.In the aspect of wearing, Nanca is very recognizable in appearance, but not affected by its shape in comfort. The appearance design of Nanca is truly created by 97 engineers of NANCa through 197 days and nights of analysis and innovation, which is both “aesthetic” and “practical”.In terms of functions, NFC function and body memory function of Pro series are continued. Bluetooth version is upgraded to Bluetooth 5.2 this time, and the product experience also ushered in a new upgrade and optimization. Bluetooth connection stability is higher, reducing the occurrence of Bluetooth disconnection by 87%.Sound delay is lower, reducing sound delay by 83%;Longer battery life, increased by 67%;The stability of the product and the clarity of the call have also been improved to a certain extent.Second, shaoyin aS800 bone conduction earphone first is its shape design, not only in line with the public aesthetic, the main design and the market bone conduction earphone similar, but also added belongs to shaoyin brand unique style, the overall shape is still deeply loved by users.The material is also very comfortable, the whole body is made of skin-friendly rubber material, which is very comfortable to hold in the hand and wear on the head.The second is its essential function, transmission and leakage effect. Compared with ordinary bone conduction earphones, the effect is better. When the sound is turned on to the maximum, there is no high volume output, and the degree of leakage is greatly reduced.The operation is also very simple and easy to get started, simple three keys plus a charging way, for daily use of common sense can deal with, if not assured can also check the manual.The biggest feature of Essonio bone conduction headset is that the headset itself has 8G memory and a decoding chip. In other words, it is equivalent to an MP3. Users can listen to music without a mobile phone while wearing it.The waterproof grade is as high as IP68, which is very rare in the current consumer electronic products, let alone the headset products, plus the first function separated from the use of mobile phones, swimming with it is not afraid of water and bluetooth signal, the purchase evaluation has the use of diving.Adopt 5.0 Bluetooth scheme, with DSP noise reduction technology microphone.The skeleton is made of memory titanium alloy material, which can be freely distorted but not deformed. However, the price is high, and the main brand is high-end market.As the best choice for cost-effective bone conduction headphones, the South Carolina Runner CC2 body structure integrates high strength memory titanium alloy, which can withstand a certain degree of bending and stretching.IPX6 waterproof, daily sweat and not too much rain can withstand.Built-in low power Bluetooth 5.0 chip, fast connection, stable signal.In terms of preventing sound leakage, South Carolina Runner CC LL has OT closed sound drop technology developed by South Carolina, and the situation of sound leakage is greatly reduced.Five, HIFIMAN GR8 bone conduction earphone neck band part of the touch is very good, support IPX4 waterproof, even in the movement of sweating, neck band part will not have the feeling of sticky.In addition, in the outdoor encounter light rain scene, there is no need to worry about the damage of the equipment, of course, IPX4 level waterproof and can not wear swimming, general splashing is completely resistant to live.The overall weight is only 33 grams, so it is not a burden to wear on the ear, even for people wearing glasses, and it fits the ear very well.The sound quality is not very good, but it is acceptable at this price.