Equipped with particle catcher, the exploration does not pursue “fancy”, just give you a warm “home”.

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Tanyue guide price of 204,900, tanyue appearance level in SUV models can be said to be very high, the new car appearance and interior design and optimization of a new, dynamic fashion modeling;The appearance of new cars belongs to the durable type, which well meets the aesthetic needs of consumers. In this era of looking at faces, the appearance level is also a kind of competitiveness.Appearance design yue appearance design, not only appearance level is very high, also belong to the type of the longer able to bear or endure look, explore yue adopted the latest “feng shang” design philosophy, personality sharp headlights and the perfect combination of front grille, perfect combination of the strength and the modern theme, independent loop line day LED lamp design extremely rich sense of science and technology,It can be called the “finishing touch” of the front face design, the front face of the vehicle looks very young and fashionable.Tan Yue’s body size is 4589*1860*1660mm, wheelbase is 2731mm, positioning as a medium-sized SUV, the design of the body line is quite tough and a sense of power, rhythmic waist line sharp and clever, connecting the full wheel package and strong shoulder, highlighting the forward posture of its movement;The aluminum decorative strip running through the roof of the car just like a meteor across the night sky, more than a sense of harmony on the vision.The rear taillights are matrix shaped and decorated with silver chrome trim around them.Agent yue interior design style of interior design style is not the pursuit of “fancy”, but a more practical design, the car USES the unbroken type cockpit design and several geometric twist chrome-plating decorations, also make a lot of young element, look effect is very good, suspension control is equipped with a 9.2 -inch screen, the function is all ready;There is also a 10.3-inch LCD digital instrument panel, Dynaudio audio, large panoramic skylight and so on, which together create the modern and high-end interior style of Tanyue.Configuration: Tanyue is equipped with language recognition system, main and co-pilot airbag, front side airbag, active brake, reversing image, ESP body stability system and other functions to improve driving safety.Space maximization space, Tanyue is a medium-sized SUV, 4589mm long, 1860mm wide, 1660mm high, wheelbase 2731mm, no longer blindly extend the length of the body, but the pursuit of the maximum internal use space;The rear seat of 18cm before and after is adjustable, the Angle of backrest is adjustable, 4/2/4 can be folded, and the bottom plate of the trunk can be adjusted up and down 2 levels. The space of the rear seat and the trunk can be flexibly allocated, which can not only meet the comfort of the daily ride of the rear seat, but also ensure that the trunk is loaded with more items. The small editor expects that it is not a problem to put down the suitcase of standard size.In terms of the power of 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, Tanue has two power versions of 1.4T and 2.0T. The maximum power of the 1.4T turbocharged engine is 110kW and the output horsepower is 250Nm, and the maximum power of the 2.0t engine is 162kW and the maximum torque is 350Nm. Tanue is also equipped with four-wheel drive models with a variety of driving modes.The match is a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox.In terms of chassis, Tanyue adopts the former Macpherson independent suspension and the rear multi-link independent suspension, with fuel consumption of up to 6.8L per hundred kilometers.And Yue also installed in the engine particle capture device, for environmental protection has made a contribution, so, how does the particle capture device work?PM particles by intercepting, collision, diffusion, gravity sedimentation was set on the carrier of the wall and wall, so as to realize the particle emissions into the atmosphere before the capture, when particles accumulated to a certain extent, can automatic burner ignition burning, adsorption in the above will burn charcoal smoke particles, into carbon dioxide discharge,Power is obviously a bright spot that cannot be ignored.Conclusion: The overall design of tanyue is very suitable for household positioning, with exquisite interior decoration, convenient space for travel and other aspects are very outstanding, no wonder tanyue can rise against the trend!