Help winter Olympics Beijing lawyers in action

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2022 Beijing Olympics a | | to | | not to snowy cold still in Beijing, Beijing lawyer volunteer service enthusiasm of the games.Beijing Daily recently reported that more than 2,000 volunteers have been working in 15 volunteer service stations in Chaoyang district for the Winter Olympics, providing tourists with route guidance, neighborhood information, language translation, emergency services and knowledge promotion of the Winter Olympics, helping to ensure the operation of the city.The picture introduces the situation of Beijing Gancheng Law Firm city volunteer service team stationed in Chaoyang District City volunteer Chaoyang Park station.”The site is close to chaoyang Court and law firm. We have positioned the site as a featured site with the theme of” rule of law publicity “. In addition to regular services, volunteers will also provide people with legal publicity and consultation services.”Chaoyang District Committee related person in charge.In chaoyang District city volunteers chaoyang Park station, Beijing Gancheng Law Firm city volunteer service team is busy answering questions for the masses and tourists who come to consult.They are the vivid practice of Beijing’s lawyers helping the Winter Olympics.Gancheng Volunteer service team is composed of more than 30 outstanding young lawyer volunteers selected by the party branch, youth League branch and gancheng Volunteer service team of Gancheng Law Firm.The youth League General Branch of Gancheng Law Firm, with the approval of the superior youth League organization, organized young lawyer volunteers to set up the “Temporary Youth League Branch of Urban Volunteer Service Station popularization of Law site” in the volunteer service site, giving play to the vanguard and exemplary role of youth Party member lawyers.After service form, for chaoyang city volunteer service the franco-prussian site specifically created games propaganda theme exhibition board of the rule of law and the rule of law publicity manual, together with the chaoyang court, procuratorate volunteers to nearby people promote international sports arbitration, intellectual property, the games logo, urban culture protection of legal knowledge, highlights the games of the rule of law publicity characteristics.The lawyers of the volunteer service team were invited to share the legal knowledge of the Winter Olympic logo online with nearly 300 volunteers who participated in the winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.And under the unified arrangement of chaoyang District Committee, participated in the online rule of law publicity series lectures of “Welcoming the Winter Olympics, Law peers”. The rule of law publicity activities not only popularized legal knowledge for the masses, but also actively created the atmosphere of Beijing Winter Olympics.Cool in the face of the recent snow weather, dry into law firms purchase 2000 warm paste, mineral water and energy food, poison from a decontamination and disinfection wet wipes and epidemic prevention materials, winter Olympics began arriving at the oval, the games village, the main media center, and more than 798 city volunteers service site, to stand in a line of city volunteers sent to warm in the winter.Cheng Tong and Miao Gujin, two lawyers in the team, volunteered for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.After 13 years, the two lawyers once again participated in the volunteer service as volunteers of the City of Winter Olympics, and witnessed the double Olympic City with the action of double Olympic volunteers.Beijing lawyers are on the move to help the Winter Olympics.The participation of gANCHeng lawyers in the urban volunteer action is an epitome of Beijing lawyers’ service to the Winter Olympics.At present, the whole industry is taking active actions to contribute to the success of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in different positions and in different ways.