If the site | can stride, then take two steps;If not, then enjoy the wind and moon;It’s better than leaving and staying

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Nanjing today heavy snow, first should be a scene, a pot of red bean leaves, readily grab it!Sister Gu sent tea, but seeing the lonely look in her eyes, she put down her cup and tapped the table gently.”Hello ~” Zhongxin recovered and looked at the teacup in front of him. “Oh, thank you.””It seems that it is not who misses you, but who you miss. Tell Sister Gu about it!”It seems that this woman’s mood once let go, whether it is a long skirt, or a short jacket, or like gossip.Citic, however, did not want to cause sorrow, so he took a drink from his teacup and changed the subject.”This tea is good. I haven’t had tea for a long time. Thank you, Sister Gu.””No matter how good the tea is, someone must like it.”Gu Elder sister’s mood suddenly low down.”Sister Gu, can I smoke?””Go ahead, I don’t mind. I even like the faint smell.”He clicked one, took a shallow sip, turned to spit it out, and slowly said: “Sister Gu, Su Shi has a saying, ‘Looking back on the bleak place, there is no wind and rain, there is no sunny’, some things in the past, don’t think about it, after a period of time, look back, at most is just an experience.”Without the past, how can you look back?” she murmured.”If you can take steps, take two;If not, then sit and enjoy;It’s better than leaving and staying and adding to your worries.”He patted his forehead. Somehow he wondered where he had come from.Sister Gu is just like an ignorant girl, interpreting the message according to her own understanding: “Do you mean to muddle along and get drunk today?””Wrong, this is decadence, is indifferent, not good.I’m talking about proactive change, and even if you stay the same, stay positive and never give up.”– From “MY Jade waist” Chapter 70 — Gu Jie seems to have a story?