Liuge Street, Zhumadian Urban and rural Integration Demonstration Area: RURAL revitalization WHEN I spearhead

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Image net news (the elephant news reporter Xiang-yang huang intern Ma Jingge correspondent Lan-fang huang) “to improve rural living environment, is an important part of the strategy of rejuvenating rural village cadres as the backbone of the country revitalization, keep in mind that your shoulder heavy responsibilities, spearhead the country revitalization of a line of endeavor, the blazers and devotee, good play a leading role.”A few days ago, Zhumadian city urban and rural integration demonstration area Liu Ge street road said.Renmazhuang village “two committees” cadres are not afraid of wind and rain, cold, always stick to the front line, get up early and return late, with the spontaneous masses together to check the village road, the house in front of the house obstacles, sundries and other joint efforts, completed 10 natural villages of 3530 square meters of garbage cleaning, demolition of 50 dry toilets, 4 pits.More than 4,000 meters of paved roads, 6,000 meters of paved brick and cinder roads, and 7,000 meters of ditches were cleared.The environmental governance work within the jurisdiction has achieved certain results. In the village-by-village observation activities organized by the whole district, we have won the first place and been fully affirmed by the superior leaders.Village “two committees” cadres are not afraid of wind and rain, not afraid of the cold, always stick to the front line, get up early and return late, with the spontaneous masses together to check the village road, the house in front of the house behind obstacles, sundries and other joint efforts, the 10 natural villages under the jurisdiction of the environmental governance work has achieved stage results.”As a ‘new villager’, I have to find out everything about every household in the village.”As soon as he arrived in the village, Yuan Taijun, secretary of mazhuang Village Branch, devoted himself to his work.Streets, lanes, fields and fields have left his shadow visited.”He takes the people’s business before his own, and keeps it to himself as long as it can’t be solved.”The villagers praised the village party secretary.The situation of environmental sanitation in villages has improved significantly.Next, Under the strong leadership of the superior, Ren Mazhuang Village Committee will cry out “look at me, follow my slogan”, maintain enthusiasm and strength, and constantly promote and strengthen the construction of beautiful countryside, to ensure the realization of the goal of “green up, bright up, beautiful up”.Under the call of Yuan Taijun, secretary of the party branch of the village, the village caring people donated 100 street lamps, which improved the conditions of rural night travel, improved the safety index of villagers’ outdoor activities at night, and let the masses get benefits.It not only lightened the happiness road of the villagers, but also ended the history of walking by flashlight at night, and the bright street lamps have become a beautiful scenery in the village.”We ren Mazhuang village road wide, light, clean light, village appearance has changed dramatically, this is the village party branch secretary Yuan Taijun led the village cadres stem out, we are grateful to the party and the government.”The villagers talked to each other about the good things and practical things that had been done for them by the “two committees” of the village, and felt the joy and hope on the road of rural revitalization.”The key to rural revitalization is talent. Next, we will try our best to create development opportunities for college students and villagers who have returned to their hometowns. We will bring back professional and technical personnel and people who ‘understand agriculture and love rural areas’.”Yuan Taijun said.