Traffic control

2022-05-30 0 By

Under the influence of strong cold air, on the evening of February 18, some high-altitude sections of Yunyan expressway of Beijing, Zhuhai and North China were observed to have thick fog and low visibility, and the anti-dumping net began to freeze.After consultation between the traffic police department and the owner’s department, in order to ensure road safety, traffic control measures will be implemented from 21:30 on February 18: Meihua station will be diverted to the exit of Guangzhou direction, and the entrance to Guangzhou direction will be closed;Daqiao Station to the direction of Hunan export diversion, to the south of the lake entrance closed.The lifting time is subject to weather changes.At present, the yueguang expressway is overcast, guardrail, bridge deck and road surface are not ice phenomenon, the traffic situation is normal.Traffic police departments on the way information boards and navigation system issued safety tips;At the same time, strengthen the road temperature measurement, patrol control.Please pay attention to the weather and road conditions before you travel.