Why is fish more nutritious than poultry?

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Fish is generally considered to have higher nutritional value than poultry, and poultry has higher nutritional value than livestock.There is also a saying that legless is better than two-legged, and two-legged is better than four-legged.Why is fish the most nutritious?Although its protein content is similar to that of meat, fish protein fiber is short and thin, which is easier to digest and absorb.Fish protein absorption rate can reach 83-90%.The protein in fish is not only high quality protein, but also more conducive to human growth and development. In promoting growth and development, fish protein is even better than egg protein.Therefore, children should eat more fish in their diet.Fish fat content is relatively low, about 5% or so.Fish fat is mainly unsaturated fatty acids.The fat in meat is mostly saturated fatty acid, and its nutritional value is not as high as unsaturated fatty acid.DAH and EPA are also found in Marine fish fat.DHA, known as brain gold, is the raw material for brain cells and promotes brain development in children.EPA is used as a scavenger of blood vessels, which can resist platelet aggregation, inhibit thrombosis, reduce blood lipids and prevent atherosclerosis.From this point of view, the nutritional value of Marine fish is higher than that of freshwater fish.Fish is also rich in vitamins and minerals.Vitamin basically has VA and VD. VA has very good effect to protecting eyesight, VD can promote the absorption of calcium.Fish is a good source of minerals such as zinc and selenium.Zinc is known as the flower of life, and selenium has antioxidant properties that most meat lacks.Although the protein in livestock and poultry meat is also high quality protein, and some meat also contains rich minerals, the protein in fish is easier to digest and absorb, and the nutrients in it are also more scarce by the human body, which is more beneficial to human health.