A catty straight down 30 yuan!After popular fruit festival, ‘Sale’

2022-05-31 0 By

After the holidays, fruit prices are steadily falling everywhere.In Shanghai’s fruit market, the price of fruit gift boxes, the most popular during the Spring Festival, has dropped significantly.Strawberries, a popular fruit, are also cheaper.At a fruit stand in Shanghai, a mountain of fruit gift boxes is worrying the shopkeeper.As the days of visiting relatives and friends drew to a close, fruit gift boxes had to be reluctantly sold at a discount.Fruit shop owner: All the packaged fruits are on sale, apples, oranges and kiwis are on sale, now the apples are 50 yuan a box, before 78 yuan a box, kiwis used to be more than 200 yuan a box, now 150 yuan a box.In addition to fruit in gift boxes, sweet and delicious strawberries have also been reduced at the same time, with better quality strawberries dropping from 50 yuan per catty to about 20 yuan per catty, attracting many customers.Shanghai resident: A few days ago I bought 48 yuan a catty, now 25 yuan, 20 yuan a catty, much cheaper.Not only in Shanghai, but also in Nanning, Guangxi Province, prices and sales of some fruits have dropped slightly recently.Fruit shop owner: New Year sugar orange sold 5 to 6 yuan a catty, now the highest 3 yuan a catty.The price of cherries has also dropped to 25 to 40 yuan per kilogram.Fruit shop owner: The retail price of cherries starts at 20 yuan per catty, and more expensive ones are 40 yuan per catty.(Source: CCTV.com)