Head coach: I am very proud of the Performance of the Chinese team

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China’s men’s ice hockey team lost 7-2 to World No. 1 Canada in the knockout round of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb. 15, 2018.Zenata Ivano, head coach of The Chinese men’s ice hockey team, said he was very proud of the performance of the Chinese men’s ice hockey team in the Winter Olympics.”It’s an opportunity and a window for Chinese ice hockey to be on such a big stage for the first time,” zannata said. “What I care about is not only the score, but also the development of ice hockey in China.”The Olympic Games is a big stage for the growth of the players and the development of China’s ice hockey culture.China goalkeeper Jeremy Smith left the field injured at the end of the first quarter.”The loss of a key player affected the game a lot, but the whole team fought hard and showed their best. I am very proud,” zannata said.”It’s good for China to play like that in their debut, and it’s a good sign that we’ve grown through this experience.The Chinese team needs to keep this momentum going.”He said.”It’s been an incredible experience,” zannata said of China’s winter Olympics journey. “We are ranked 32nd in the world and we are playing against the top five teams in the world like the USA, Germany and Canada. It shows that this team has very good players and very good chemistry.We’re a competitive team and we need to stick to that philosophy of hockey.”Ice hockey is a very competitive sport and even a strong team like the US can only win a handful of Olympic titles. But China is starting.”As for the future development of ice hockey in China, Zannata said the most important thing is to make young people fall in love with the sport.”Ice hockey is a team sport,” he said. “It’s very helpful for kids to develop teamwork and work together for the same goal.”Reporter Zhao Xu Lin Deren