NATO plans new gas pipeline to replace Nord Stream 2: Spanish media

2022-05-31 0 By

According to Russian news agency reported 6 satellite, Spain (La Vanguardia) the herald, citing the government’s unnamed sources as saying that the NATO (NATO) “plan” to build a connection Spanish catalonian autonomous region, other parts of Spain, and France’s natural gas pipeline, in order to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian gas.The proposed pipeline could be used to import liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Algeria and other sources and carry about 7 billion cubic meters of gas per year, According to La Vanguardia.The imported gas can be stored and processed at eight LNG plants in Spain and Portugal.Sources quoted by the newspaper said the proposal was on NATO’s “working table” and Germany was “very interested” in the project.Reports of NATO discussing the new pipeline come after a difficult year for Europe’s energy industry, which experienced a surge in natural gas prices in 2021.Gas prices initially breached the $1,000 per thousand cubic metres ceiling and hit $2,000 late last year as eu stocks were half-full after a cold winter.Sputnik cited the eu’s failure to fill reserve stocks in 2021, an increase in gas consumption due to the shutdown of several nuclear power plants in Europe, and the inability of Asian countries to buy more liquefied natural gas (LNG) overseas after buying all their freely traded spot stocks.However, many European and US politicians blame Russia, or the EU, for its dependence on Russian gas supplies.Moscow and Gazprom deny the charge, stressing that Russia has fulfilled all contractual obligations relating to gas supplies.Meanwhile, the launch of nord Stream 2, a gas pipeline project from Russia to Europe, is still being delayed on the grounds that the pipeline does not comply with the European Commission’s “third energy package,” Sputnik noted.The German foreign ministry said the certification of Nord Stream 2 was “suspended” even as Europe struggled with soaring gas prices amid a global gas shortage.Nord Stream 2, a joint venture between the European Union and Russia, was completed in September 2021 but is still not operational because it has not been certified.Certification procedures for the pipeline have been “suspended,” according to German Foreign Minister Berberk.Berlin claims the pipeline, which could carry up to 55bn cubic metres of gas a year, could violate European energy law, particularly the “third Energy package”.Amid continuing tensions over Ukraine, media reports and suggestions from US politicians suggest that Nord Stream 2 could be a future victim of Western sanctions against Russia.(Edit: SDY)