Pure electric ID.4 CROZZ enjoy subsidies dongjia Million yuan to send gifts

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The whole department of Juhui bottom price car!Buy a car enjoy $10,000 gift!: You can get a beautiful gift when you make an appointment!: Participate in the internal employees to buy some models of additional subsidy 5,000 yuan!: 25,000 down payment, 28 yuan a day!Installment purchase car an ID card can, the same day set the same day lift car!: Complimentary mat and solar film for booking on the same day!Id.4 / Tanyue GTE/ Magotan GTE/ Tanyue/New energy hybrid enjoy 0 interest for 2 years.Other models enjoy ultra-low interest rates, to enjoy financial subsidies 12500 yuan, so that you buy a car 0 pressure!: sub model replacement to enjoy 12000 yuan subsidy!: Pay 1999 or 3699 during the activity to enjoy 5 years 5 times of routine maintenance (including the first guarantee) +500 yuan renewal of the deposit roll (designated insurance company) +1 year / 30 thousand kilometers of power train original factory extended warranty +1 year accident car compensation service!Metro: Metro Line 1 (Citizen Center Station) Bus Stop: No. 11, Zhengshang Road (Get off at Ersha Village Station) Address: Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, 300 meters west of the intersection of West Jianshe Road and Hangzhou Road North Important Notice:Faw-volkswagen Zhengzhou Dongjia car now, now according to the purchase price sales, the number is limited, first set, first served, dongjia is willing to do a sentimentality of conscience enterprise!This shop features the following services for you: 1. Online car purchase, VR exhibition hall car, buy the public without leaving home.2, online insurance renewal business, do not meet, do not contact, convenient for you to handle insurance business.3. No matter what kind of problems your car encounters, please call the 24-hour rescue hotline. Zhengzhou Dongjia has always been by your side.4, “let car become a happiness” we are in action, Zhengzhou Dongjia continue to work hard, to give you a safe and comfortable car buying environment.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)