The man used 348 online shopping general tokens to catch 3 dolls, administrative detention

2022-05-31 0 By

Online shopping universal token to achieve the doll machine to catch the doll free?The man involved.Songjiang police recently, in Shanghai Songjiang, the man Wang mou online shopping 1000 universal tokens to the doll machine shop for entertainment.Eventually, the man was detained by songjiang police on suspicion of fraud.On February 8, the chengzhong Road police station of Songjiang Public Security Sub-bureau received an alarm from a shopkeeper of a doll machine in his district, saying that some people in his shop were using other tokens for entertainment, causing certain economic losses.After receiving the report, the police immediately launched an investigation.The store owner said that recently, customers often ask him whether the store has changed the new game coins, so the store owner and staff combed all the game coins in the machine, found 348 non-store game coins.Police quickly locked up the use of universal tokens for entertainment suspect Wang, and summoned to the police station.According to Wang mou account, its usually like to catch the doll, a few days ago, through a short video software push that the doll machine shop is engaged in promotional activities, then took his wife to the store on the first day of the New Year, in 1:1 ratio for the store special game currency catch the doll.After returning home on the same day, Wang mou found that he accidentally pocket other stores in the game currency used in the store doll machine, then the heart of the network to buy the game token “take advantage” idea.After that, Wang bought 1,000 tokens online for 120 yuan and used them in the store. He used more than 300 tokens to catch two children and one big child.At present, illegal suspect Wang mou because of suspected fraud has been detained by the songjiang police administration according to law.