To push forward the city’s business environment to compete for the promotion of the spirit of breakthrough sprint

2022-05-31 0 By

On February 9, the city held a mobilization meeting to welcome the 2021 Business environment evaluation in Henan Province.Zhou Shuqun, the director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress and the leader of the leading group for optimizing the business environment of the city, required that with the spirit of attacking and sprinting, anchor the first-class goal, complement the weak points, strong and weak points, grasp and improve, and go all out to promote the competition for promotion of the city’s business environment.Zhang Jiaming, deputy leader of the leading group, presided over the meeting.Chu Yaohua, Wang Jinqi, Ji Maichang, Li Demin, Chen Dianfu, Wang Fengxiang, Yin Hexiu and other deputy leaders of the leading group attended the meeting at the main venue.The conference will be held by video conference, and each county (city, district) will set up a sub-venue.Meeting was read “about 2021 henan business environment evaluation work notice, the business environment evaluation in shangqiu of henan province in 2020 ranked situation”, 25 special crucial group and 10 counties (city, area) the 2021-11 December optimize business environment crucial to promote supervision report, the exercises of optimization work doing business awardInterim Measures on Punishment (Draft for Public Comments), comments on the recent efforts to optimize the business environment.The meeting pointed out that the city’s sixth Party Congress listed “continuous optimization of the business environment into the advanced ranks of the province” as an important goal of the city’s work.All levels and departments of the city should deepen their understanding of the importance and urgency of optimizing the business environment, face up to the gap, aim at the advanced and strive to make solid progress towards the goal of first-class business environment from the perspective of enhancing the city’s soft power and competitiveness in development and improving the level of economic and social development.The meeting stressed that the assessment of business environment covers a wide range of fields and departments, and all counties, cities and districts and relevant departments are responsible.The chief officers of each unit should earnestly perform the duties of the first person in charge, organize special teams, assign key personnel, and assign specific persons to take charge, and implement tasks and responsibilities to each person one by one, so as to be familiar with business, clear data, solid measures and clear responsibilities.Departments at all levels should be closely together and act as a responsible, really be “subtraction” and to delegate, and stronger regulation “additive” and optimization services “multiplication”, solidly carry out the “ten thousand people helped thousands of companies”, “enterprise service day” activities, “more optimal solution” to focus on a bail-out for the enterprise and maintain the good image of the shangqiu pro-business pro-business hand in hand.