Visit the film “Football dream” shooting scene, the crew shooting in full swing

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Recently, the movie “football dream” in Beihai City Hepu County Dang Jiang Town jiufen Tian village officially started shooting.Filming scene, everywhere is a busy scene in full swing.On the day of the operation, the crew arrived at the scene early in the morning to make up the scenery and set up the shooting machine. In order to pursue perfection, some shooting scenes were shot countless times. Filming ended at two o ‘clock in the morning at night.The film “Football Dream” by Yan Yutao as the chief planner, chief producer, emerging director Deng Yu, many stars and football elite love to join, the main actors are: Feng Xiaoyang, Zhang Jingran, Wang Jiaqiang, Sun Enming, Wang Yipu, Li Jianzhong, Ma Heping, Liu Dongdong, Chen Taiyu, Wu Qianyu and so on.So far, more than 100 crew members have quickly moved into their roles and filming is going smoothly.Actor Zhang Jingran actor Wang Yipu North Sea nine students Wu Qian Yu as male number one “Li Qiutong” Beihai second experimental school third grade students Lai Yan Lin play Li grandpa’s little granddaughter “tea tea” actorFeng Xiaoyang (female) film football dream is by the passengers travel style council, the passengers football association, football association of nanning and guangxi delixi investment co., LTD., guangxi red mud technology co., LTD., the essence of guangxi zhuang group, persimmon persimmon (Shanghai) technology co., LTD, the passengers easy union air conditioning co., LTD., guangxi who hail from the big companies such as united out of the health industry development co., LTDProduct.According to the introduction, “football dream” is a youth inspirational film about football, tells the story of a young man who loves football, with a hot football dream, step by step from the fishing village kicked into the Olympic team story.The film aims to convey the spirit of football, stimulate the enthusiasm of the general public, especially young people, to participate in football, drive the development of mass sports, and make greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.According to Yan Yutao, the film’s chief planner and producer, the production team selected Jiupengtian village in Dangjiang Town, Hepu after screening and comparing the film’s locations in Beihai and Hepu.The reason why I chose to shoot here is mainly because li Qiutong was born in a fisherman’s family, which mainly depended on fishing for a living.Jiufen Tian village cultural customs, geographical environment, the beach, duck eggs, mangrove and other scenery are more suitable for the plot needs, the shooting effect and the film performance of the scene is more consistent.The movie “Football dream” actors come from all over the country, the cast is strong, they have more rich acting experience.For example, 2007 debut Feng Xiaoyang belongs to the “old drama bone”, has been in the “Mei Without Border”, “micro wish”, “Winter plum also have spring” and other more than 10 films, TV dramas, in the industry enjoy a higher visibility, she in the film “football dream” as male number one “Li Qiutong” mother “Chen Yujing”.Young actress Zhang Jingran is best known for “The Assassin” and “Fenglin Volcano”. She played the boss of a football club in “Football Dreams”.Among them, actor Sun Enming, a former professional player of Chengdu Five Cows Football Club, plays a football coach in the show.Wang Yipu, 14, from Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, has already starred in the TV series “Naive Yangmen Women” and in the movie “Football Dream” as liu Fanghan.The north sea in nine students Wu Qian rain people most concern of male “Li Qiutong” number one is from the passengers ninth middle school students in grade three Wu Qian rain, it was the first time a movie, but he showed strong acting talent, stand out in the numerous candidate actors, he said he is confident elite “Li Qiutong” play good football.The cast has high hopes for Wu Qianyu, hoping that he will have greater success in the future film performance.In addition, lai Yanlin, a third grade student from beihai Second Experimental School, plays grandpa Li’s little granddaughter, cute and cute.It is understood that the film “football dream” camera, including lighting, recording system, post production are according to the cinema line film standard equipment to configure, the filming team has a wealth of filming experience, shooting techniques, they are active in Beijing, Zhejiang and other domestic film and television city, shooting a number of films, TV series.The crew will shoot for 15 days at Jiupengtian Village, Nanliujiang Pier, Shiwan Central Primary School, hepo Sports Center and other places in Dangjiang Town.From January 27 to 30, the crew will shoot in Beihai Stadium, Beihai People’s Police Training School, Hailang Sports Training Center and Fugang Football training base.At that time, the film team will shoot and show the beautiful natural environment, beautiful scenery and urban appearance of Beihai, and the football environment and atmosphere in Beihai will be highlighted in the film.Author: North Sea radio and TELEVISION reporter Wei Shii MY pictures: do share only, copyright belongs to the original author